All I wanted was a single can of soda. Couldn’t find it. Sure I could have bought a 24 pack of cans but a single can? Had to walk 12 blocks.

Why? All they had was plastic bottles.

Most people don’t realize that plastic is made of oil products! So I guess that means the price of these products packaged in plastic are going up as well.

Most People don’t think about the fact that plastic does NOT decompose! Yes a million years from now, that plastic soda bottle will still be around.

Aluminum is recyclable. Glass is recyclable. Paper is recyclable. PLASTIC IS NOT!

So here is something CONSTRUCTIVE EVERYONE can do starting today! Stop buying products packaged in plastic!

We live in a capitalistic society where supply and demand are still functioning principles (for now). One thing we have seen consistently is the following: if they buy it, we will supply it.

So if everyone starts buying products in recyclable containers, sooner rather than later, the rich fat cat corporate types will take notice and start giving us what we demand…..NO MORE PLASTIC!

Plastic is not healthy and in some cases it is harmful. You don’t need that stinking cheap plastic cup that happens to be MADE IN CHINA. Get a paper cup or a glass.

I know the naysayers around here will have their excuses why it won’t work. I DON’T CARE! I am so tired of negative people always with an excuse about why you can’t do this or why that won’t work.

Ask for something else, and they will give it to you! After all, it’s all about that famous dollar isn’t it? If corps start losing money because of their damn plastic products, they will change.

But we could make an island with all the damn plastic in the ocean right now.

Don’t we give enough money to China? Let’s dump the plastic! It may not make the price of oil go down right away, but in the long run it will make a difference to our planet, and to our future or at least our kid’s future.