Bush to declassify part of National Intelligence Estimate

Bemoaning an election-year leak, President George W. Bush on Tuesday said he would declassify parts of a secret terrorism document that included a judgment the Iraq war had spread Islamic extremism.

At a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Bush said political opponents had disclosed only select parts of the National Intelligence Estimate, a U.S. global report on terrorism, and he decided to make the document public so "you read it for yourself."

"Somebody has taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes," Bush said.

The report, disclosed over the weekend, said the analysis by the 16 U.S. spy agencies completed in April concluded the Iraq war had spread Islamic radicalism and made the overall terrorism problem worse.

Democrats seized on it to criticize the Republican administration over the increasingly unpopular war, a key issue just weeks before the November 7 elections when control of both houses of the U.S. Congress is at stake.

Bush is intent on portraying his party as stronger on national security than Democrats and better able to protect Americans.

A public version of the intelligence document could be made available this week, officials said.


  1. BrzlFrbr

    Now comes the real question: will he declassify the entire document or just cherry-pick? I’d certainly like to see the entire thing, even if it’s several hundred pages.

  2. RC

    The reports I’ve read suggest Bush will release PART of the report. But I’m sure that won’t be “for political purposes.” *roll eyes*

  3. Michael Koy

    I guess somebody has taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes in the same way that the Bush Administration leaked Valerie Plame’s name for political purposes. Voters, wake up! On November 7 we have the chance to hold Bush accountable for his lies, his callousness, his incompetence, and his contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution.

  4. R. Ruffian

    This is just another bad idea. Nothing that was leaked was not already known in the country or around the world. Who knows what new and damaging to US interest information will be released in the NIE report for partisan purposes. Bush is as quick on the trigger as any President I can remember to declassify information if it covers his ass. They all have had real talent on that score. He is unique in that he has classified so much more information than any president in recent memory. He also has done his best to criminalize the press when they have blown the whistle on him.

    The President himself has the dubious distinction of being the biggest leaker and has truly earned the title of “Leaker in Chief“. His last major leak was the admission of the CIA remote prisons. Up to that time he had been denying their existence vociferously. This not only put the US in an unfortunate and tainted moral position around the world but embarrassed the hell out of our allies to boot.

    We are in a shooting war and a moral contest. He is inept at both. Has anyone checked to see if we got a Manchurian candidate when we got Bush. Bush has insisted that we shoot the wrong people, Iraqis who had nothing to do with 9-11 and then he cultivates a repugnant strategy of lawless torturing of captives. He couldn’t do much more if he were Osama himself to insure he handicaps our armed forces and our war effort in the future by creating generations of new Jihadist.

  5. Sir Leaksalot

    Will Dirst said it best:

    This is in-leaking-credible. According to leaked grand jury testimony, it turns out the person who instructed Scooter Libby to leak classified information about pre-Iraq war intelligence was the President himself. Can’t wait for them play “Hail to the Leaker,” as he enters the Capitol next January for his State of the Union Leakage. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the First Leaker of the United States of America, George Leaky Bush.” I always suspected the President was a sneaky leaker. And now it turns out, he’s the Chief Leaker. The Chief Executive Officer of Leakwell Incorporated. Chicken Leaker.

    Let’s welcome today’s guest: the headliner of the 3rd annual Leakapalooza: lead singer, Leaky Leakman of Leaky Leakman and the Leakers. That crafty veteran manager of the five time defending champions, the Texas Leakers. And no, that’s not redundant. And because news of his leakage has been leaked, the Leaker-in-Chief is seriously involved in heavy duty leakage control. Trusted in that old adage, “Leak and Learn,” so he leaked his ass off. Fortunately, they have adult garments for that now. I think they’re called “Leakenders” or “Leakaways.” “Wear Leakaways and you won’t leak a ways.”

    Leak is such an ugly word, isn’t it? Leaker is even worse. Like a loser with the dribbles. Leak leak bo beak, banana fana fo feak. Fee fie fo feak. LEAKY! When the going gets tough; the tough leak like chronic diarrhea. Leakers unite! And form a trickle. Voted least leakly to succeed. Through the leaking glass. Going to have to face it: he’s addicted to leaks. He’s going to leak, leak, leak, around the clock. And this ain’t the first time. Ever since college there have been rumors he had a leaky beak. The man is positively leakalicious.

    He doesn’t have to answer to us. He’s the leaker of the free world. From the party of Lincoln to the party of Leakin. A lesson learned from Nixon: stonewall and you stonewall alone. Leak and the world leaks with you. Leaking like the confidence of the forward shooters in a Dick Cheney hunting party. As leaky as the roof on the last duplex standing in the 9th Ward. Leakier than a condom on the 50 yard line after an Oakland Raiders double overtime playoff game. The human personification of a rusted rain gutter in Seattle during January. Leaky. As the Vice President told Patrick Leahy on the floor of the Senate: “Go leak yourself!” Leak me? Leak you! This leaking leaker’s leaked.

    Who knows why he leaked. Plausible leakability perhaps. Might have been an involuntary muscle spasm, or maybe it’s just the leak of love. One explanation is he didn’t mean to leak, he was just being leaksadasical. Morphed into Dr. Kevorkaleaker before our very eyes. Just wanted to assure himself of a major role in the newest production of “Around the Truth in 80 Leaks.”

    Filmed in Leak-O-Rama. Wasn’t really his fault, he and Captain Hazlewood were playing a quick game of “Leak, leak, splash,” when all hell broke loose and his pie hole began to leak partisan ooze. Or maybe its a simple case of living out his childhood dream of finally becoming one of the lesser known Knights of the Round Table: Sir Leaksalot.

    Will Durst is a political comic, syndicated columnist, AM radio talk show host and defense liability.

  6. Dan

    He released 4 pages of the 30 page NIE. I’m sure that he didn’t just release the pages that make him look good, or at least, not as bad. No, I’m sure they wouldn’t do that..