By Maggie Van Ostrand

It amazes me that U.S. President What’s-his-name suddenly is doing, or causing to have done, so many things that he ignored for over seven years. The cynic in me says maybe it’s because he needs to get another Republican in office so all the rich guys can get richer off the backs of the middle class.

I have nothing against rich people. I like them. I have a lot against What’s-his-name and his co-king and designated Iago, the guy who’s associated with Halliburton but says he isn’t. If a movie is ever made of his life, it should star Sidney Greenstreet at his most disagreeable, in the title role.

What makes me crazy (okay, crazier) is What’s-his-name’s talk about attacking Iran. Iran may well be a bad guy, but so what? It’s yet another country that didn’t attack us, and that seems to be a neurotic magnet for President Nutter. Meanwhile, bin Laden is sitting in his designer cave busily picking nits out of his beard waiting for the U.S. to not find him.

Or maybe President Nutter is secretly upset at American citizens for polling him as the worst president in U.S. history. Sort of his “nya nya” nose-thumb at the people he has so mercilessly lied to, spied on, and screwed by borrowing all that money from China to pay for his illegal war in Iraq. It’s really pretty funny if you consider that the “economic stimulus” checks he sent out might as well have been paid in yen.

Every time I say something negative about the war, I think of the brave fighting forces on foreign soil, and the crap that waits for them when come home, Walter Reed Hospital is an example, homeless GI’s another, the large number of veterans’ suicides, a third. It’s heartwrenching and so wrong, it’s actually anti-American.

Silly me recently learned that returning military personnel do not get the G.I. Bill of Rights, the one in effect after WW II. All these years, I thought veterans were given the same benefits, like free college education and a monthly stipend to live on. That was fair and honorable. Not giving them anything except maybe another assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan, is morally despicable. No wonder everybody’s mad at the U.S. We’re even mad at ourselves.

McCain announces a trip to Colombia and suddenly, long-time prisoners are released in Colombia. I’m truly delighted about their release, but the U.S. government’s behavior over the last 15 years has made me think this rescue was politically expedient designed for an election year.

If you got this far, perhaps you’ve been made cynical, too. With all the illegal spying on U.S. citizens, I may end up a detainee at Guantanamo. Look for the prisoner wearing a thong on her head. That’ll be me.

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