How the wealthy would fare under McCain & Obama

Since so many people seem to be confused about a)the differences between McCain & Obama, I thought this was very interesting.

The Wall Street Journal’s article has a great graph that breaks it down so even non-politicos can understand who will do what to help the average joe versus the rich fat cat type.

Under Mr. Obama’s plan, the income for the top 1% would decline by an average of 9%. The incomes of the top tenth of 1% would shrink by more than 10%. Under Mr. McCain, incomes for the top 1% would grow by 3%. The top tenth of 1% do best — with more than 4% growth in incomes.

This is what the cheat and lie Republican Disinformationalists mean when they say that Obama would raise taxes. Yes he would raise taxes for the top 1% of the people in the USA.

But one thing is clear: Mr. Obama sees taxes as a way to ease inequality, while Mr. McCain sees them as a way to encourage economic growth by helping the top.

John McCAin has admitted he’s not good with money. He must not be since he obviously in the past 30 odd years learned that Trickle Down Economics as practiced by every single Republican POTUS since Reagan, DOES NOT WORK.