One of the reasons I found Barack Obama so attractive was for a possible return to honest government returned to the White House. This morning I learned that Obama will continue the faith-based grants started in 2000 by President Bush.

This is against the first Amendment barring the federal government from promoting any religion. So it seems that pandering to the Evangelicals is more important than the Bill of Rights. Hopefully by 2012 we can find a Candidate who works through the Constitution and panders to no one. I am dropping my support for Obama with sadness. I might have to drop my citizenship unless our government starts living by the Constitution.


  1. I’m a set up for an entire forum and I will not be set up anywhere. This is not the only forum. She can have it. I think by now, most of you know my agenda and it is one I have had for over 60 years. I get my words thrown back on Faded Glory and I don’t need this. I am so fed up with America at this point that nothing running in November is worth my effort. I’m furious with myself for not taking up needlepoint and have continued to read books on American policies and am tired of being pissed off. I need to focus on something else. I may just knock out my internet and use the computer as a word processor to write stories.

    My agenda is crystal clear and Flapsaddle has a new one daily. I often compare her silly words with my own two girls and son and they all are published writers. I taught them the use of words and now I’m banging my head against ridiculous and silly people like Flapsaddle. I’m not dead yet and maybe I can find the same road that my kids have followed.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to elect in November.

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