If we want a former military man whose credentials are highlighted by the fact that he crashed 5 planes, or by the fact that he chose to hide in a prison camp where he received preferential treatment rather than return to combat, then McCain is the man.

I see no value in a soldier who could not perform his duty which we spent over a million dollars trying to teach him, or in a failure as a flyer who blew over 15 million of our bucks destroying aircraft (or was that HIS way to fund the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’?

He was a loser then, a crook as a Senator now, and a cheating two-faced husband then and now.

How sad that in this great country we cannot find decent, honest, candidates for the highest office. Where’s the guy with the charm of Roosevelt, the chutzpah of Truman, the charisma of JFK, the military prowess of Ike, and the nuclear savvy of Carter? Maybe we are too inbred and should seek a President among the women. Golda Meir did not have much military experience, but she sure as hell knew how to win a war!

Bush has begun the destruction of America, don’t let McCain continue it.

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