We are wasting time, money and people in Iraq where there is NO THREAT FROM AL QAEDA while Osama Bin Laden gets away with the murder of 3000 people in the WTC.

Critical Counter-Terror Op Is ‘Makeshift’

Mark Mazzetti and David Rohde are stirring up attention with their piece in the morning’s New York Times, “Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan.” As well it should. The return of attention to the region is long overdue – it’s been nearly three months since Ambassador Ryan Crocker admitted to the Senate Foreign Relations committee, under probing questions from committee chair Senator Joe Biden, that the greater threat to American security was “al Qaeda in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border area.” Casualties in the region are on the rise – in May, they eclipsed the toll in Iraq – and pro-Taliban forces have regrouped and are mounting military offensives of their own.

We have wasted enough time, money and people in Iraq when all this time we could have had Osama Bin Laden

And yet for some reason the cheat and lie Repubican Disinformationalists are better at National Security……NOT!

Then we have this….

Al Qaeda In Pakistan: A Rising Threat

FYI — Pakistan has Nuclear Weapons. Wanta bet we won’t invade them?