Ok, I will vote for Obama no matter how he votes on this issue, BUT I second Olberman’s commentary.

Olbermann Special Comment: Obama’s Second Chance On FISA

In a “Special Comment” on Countdown WIth Keith Olbermann tonight, the MSNBC host told his audience that Barack Obama has been presented with a second chance to make a first impression in an upcoming vote on the FISA bill

Obama taught Constitutional Law and he should know better about FISA! I realize that the cheat and lie Republican Disinformationalists will call him “weak on terrorism” if he votes against this bill…..HOWEVER it will also show that he is a different type of politician if he stands up for the constitution. In fact it might garner the respect (and votes)of a lot of independents who believe in the Constitution.

The bottom line is he a politician that will do anything to win? Or is he a man of principle that believes in the Constitution?

Unfortunately, in this area (arena), there is NO GRAY AREA!

Voting against this bill is the right thing to do! Let’s see if he really is a “different type of politician”.