There are times when you realize something, today was my day. I woke up this morning and turned on the TV to check the weather. I only have broadcast TV.

After a slew of commercials on one mass media outlet, I was treated to a news item about surfing dogs. I changed the channel, another different news item, again about surfing dogs on another MSM outlet. Another MSM outlet another different story about surfing dogs.

I turned off the tube, I looked out the window, I could check the weather in real time without assistance from MSM.

The evidence is in. Two surfing dogs is a coincidence. Three Surfing dogs is a conspiracy.

A signal to an imbedded terrorist group?

The Queen of Hearts to a Manchurian Candidate?

Definitely a signal, that the MSM is now a monolith, run by some errant piece of computer code on a Server that was misplaced in a closet and forgotten by the rest of the cyber world.

It will seek its’ revenge by making us all crazy.

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