McCain plan gives top 200 corporations $45 billion In tax breaks

It’s like Robin Hood in Reverse.

Steal from those that have little and give to those that have much.

Let’s see…Bush/McCain want to make their tax cuts permanent and give richest corps even more breaks.

And who is left to pay taxes? The Middle Class? The average Joe? The guy who doesn’t know if he is going to have a job next year and is struggling with the price of gas just to make ends meet?

Who is left?

I never disagreed with the Libertarian Premise of eliminating the income tax. I just think the Libertarian party (as a nominating convention goes) puts too much emphasis on that single issue.

Having said that, perhaps they are right. It is entirely possible that the economic conditions are being manipulated to create a state that demands that major revisions be made or else a totally new system be put in place.

Watch out for National Sales Tax which is coming. They say it will make the rich pay more, but if you calculate by percentage of income paid, it’s just another lie.

RE-ELECT BUSH/MCCAIN IN 08! $45 BILLION DOLLARS IN TAX BREAKS for the richest corporations!

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