I keep wondering why Bush went into Iraq. His axis of evil pointed to Saddam even if the rest of us had doubts. Or was it for the oil as McCain and many other Conservatives have admitted? Could it have come from his father’s agenda of forcing Democracy in the Middle East to make them appreciate America? Could it have come from the religious right to exterminate Islam?

Has anyone looked at the consequences of this action that almost from day one began removing our individual rights to privacy and our communications with each other and even having the government keep an eye on our internet sites?

Did the Americans elect G.W. Bush because he was a Republican who promised bans on abortions, gay marriages and death with dignity? Did the American voters decide they were not able to decide on their own actions and needed the government to ban other things as they did with selling alcohol and buying illegal drugs?

Did the American family and church leaders simply quit setting moral laws and rules for the families? The churches were delighted at having federal grant money handed to them and the heads of the households sat back and waited for legislation that would make their kids behave.

For the first time in my political history I saw an entire Political Party start to act as if they had the authority to be involved in our personal and private choices. From mandating Sex Education into our schools to allowing the schools to drug the children at will. Reading scores fell and discipline was gone all through the grades. Anyone who has read Orwell can see the warnings clearly. Except instead of Big Daddy telling the people how to think and act, we had television showing how to disregard the family rules. The children ran the households and set the standards for a lack of honesty and integrity. An entire generation lapped up this horror and we lost a generation of strong Americans. Half of them became alcoholics and drug users. Many were tossed out of school and now lead the numbers of those who need welfare to survive.

It would seem that America failed in our dream of freedoms because we overlooked the next generation of Americans. We raised our children to take and not earn. Even on these forums, we see successful earners who must be dishonest as so many others have no working skills. This seems unfair. So most want the redistribution of wealth to fix what is obvious a lack of learning and self improvement among the non-achievers. I was not aware of this difference in American values until I remembered reading the books and essays of Rand.

She had a spirit of achievement in all her characters and I believe that if we look at the next generation we will see the same untrained talents in the children. I read a series of essays by a classroom teacher named Margaret Edson who spent her entire working life in a classroom in the lower schools searching for the interest and talents of her students. I saw her in action on CSPAN and saw the same sparkle in my History teacher back in the mid 40s. They both forced the key words of every discussion. They forced them from their students with an unrelenting push for them to find the key. These are lessons never forgotten.

Where are these teachers in our schools today? Even in the private schools the Bill of Rights is barely mentioned but Jefferson having an affair with one of his slaves is never overlooked.

With this awful middle class culture that is all around us, what future does a free America have? Our spirit is worn out by bad leaders almost since the end of WW2. Was JFK the key who lost his chance too soon? It seems as if from that moment on, we had Presidents whose interest in the Constitution was weak at best. We saw the development of profit made from our wars. As the economy fell our hopes fell with it. When economy took an upward swing so did our hopes. But since 2000 everything has fallen and our hopes have been beaten down to almost nothing.

Do we choose again between only two parties? Can we not locate a voice of freedoms somewhere in America?

Sandra Price


  1. Non-Voters: It’s All In God’s Hands

    Here you go, Sandra.

    People who believe that God is involved in worldly affairs are less likely to participate in national elections than others, according to a new survey.

    The study, which included nearly 1,700 U.S. men and women with an average age of 53, suggests that a person’s view of God is a variable that determines whether he or she will donate money to a campaign, read political news, or even vote.

    “It can be reasoned that if one believes God determines worldly affairs, then there is little reason for individuals to participate in civic events,” study leader Robyn Driskell and her colleagues write in the June issue of the journal Social Science Quarterly. “God is taking care of things.”

    See it’s not Christians that are bad, it’s those “Crazy Neo-cons and Right-to-Lifers that enable this garbage.

  2. I think GWB makes perfect sense in the context of his twisted, degenerate religious belief system, which goes about like this: The Arabs and Muslims are evil, since they are not Christian. The Jews, although they are corrupt and unenlightened, must be given EVERYTHING they want, since they were God’s Chosen People, up until Christ came along. And even though many if not most Jews will not make the cut when Christ returns, HE will not do so until Israel is calling all the shots. That is to say, Christians will not be sucked through the roofs of their cars on their way to Heaven, during the “rapture”, when Christ returns and “rescues” them from the consequences of their own depravity.

    There’s really nothing Bush has or hasn’t done that doesn’t make perfect sense, within the context of his twisted little Christian world.

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