Clear Channel bans ads for Harry Shearer’s CD over anti-Bush image

    Clear Channel Bans Ads For Harry Shearer’s CD Over Anti-Bush Image

    Please do not listen to radio stations owned By Clear Channel Communications.

    They are just another FOX NEWS!

    Their actions indicate that they don’t believe in Freedom of Speech.

    This is not the first time Clear Channel has done this.

    Most people don’t know that Clear Channel has a PLAY LIST and DJ’s are only allowed to play what is on that list.

    A few years ago, Clear Channel came in and bought one of the most popular radio stations that had some raunchy morning DJ’s.

    When they saw Clear Channel’s list, they started telling us about it on the air and some of the songs that were on it.

    There were classics with some of my favorites like Pink Floyd, etc. Clear Channel’s reasoning behind banning certain songs, was they didn’t like the lyrics.

    So when the DJ’s deliberatey played songs on the list, the DJ’s were immediately yanked off the air never to return again.

    That’s Clear Channel Communications for you.

    Clear Channel Communications are WORSE than FOX NEWS!

    At least with Fox News, YOU KNOW what you are getting. People don’t have a clue that Clear Channel supports a super conservative NEO-CON agenda in EVerything….their radio stations, their newspapers, etc.

    Please, help save our rights and boycott any and EVERY Clear Channel Communications company.

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