The Rothschild mouthpiece Reuters is reporting that GDP is up slightly higher than initially thought. They go on to say,

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate-setting committee pointed to stronger consumer spending as a sign that the economy was hanging on despite the housing sector slump and subsequent credit contraction.

Seems “reporters” Emily Kaiser with Alister Bull and editing by Neil Stempleman along with the U.S. Federal Reserve have totally forgotten about the fiscal stimulus package that is being injected into the economy to the tune of $170 billion dollars. Some $68 billion has already been distributed.

Certainly it is the stimulus package and the package alone that allowed the economy to limp up to the 1% growth rate. To think that pumping $68 billion additional dollars into the economy only resulted in 1% growth is a very scary prospect, one that Reuters does not want us to contemplate.

With nary 3 weeks of payments left to go ending July 11th, it seems the stimulus has succeeded in averting an immediate recession for the first half of the year. The second half does not look very rosy. Consider this:

1. Many retailers are set to close hundreds of stores.
2. Layoffs are to continue in all sectors except healthcare. Even government, which has arguably taken in many of those left behind from the change-over to the information economy, is having to face layoffs or reduction of services.
3. Schools are losing both state and federal funding at the same time they are losing property tax revenue, resulting in, you guessed it, more layoffs.
4. Auto, airline, construction, hospitality, travel, food, and retail are all in a tail spin seeing even double-digit declines. Manufacturing continues to layoff as more jobs move outside of the USA.

Speaking to a gas station attendant the other day about the high cost of fuel, she empathized, saying she made $7.25/hour and how she couldn’t afford to buy the product she sells.

All around the world, real people are standing up and striking and telling the elite they will no longer be subjugated to such abuses and humiliation. Why can’t Americans do this too?

Until we bring this machine to a halt, it will continue to grind us all up. Now is the time. Now. Not later. Now. Before it is too late.

I suggest we all take the month of July off in observance of our independence, and this year to re-assert our independence from the money masters. Take the month off and go visit Washington D.C. and demand to be heard by your Representatives in person. If you can’t take the whole month off take a week, a weekend, something just go visit D.C. and let them know how you feel about what they doing to our country.

Why not leave some comments about any other ideas that we can do NOW to stop our decline. Over 80% of us feel we are on the wrong track. We can’t count on rich career politicians to right the sinking ship. We have to do it ourselves. Start planning today. We can make this July one to remember.

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