Capitol Hill Blue

U.S. President George W. Bush’s Justice Department improperly injected politics into hiring programs, a department investigation released on Tuesday found.

Imagine That. The Bush Administration not following the law. That’s why he kept his lacky Alberto Gonzales around. To enable his illegal actions.

the committee rejected applicants with liberal or Democratic affiliations at a much higher rate than those with Republican, conservative or politically neutral backgrounds.

One candidate, a Harvard student fluent in Arabic who was at the top of his class, was put in a “questionable” category evidently because of his membership in the Council on American Islamic Relations civil-rights group.

Another candidate was described by a U.S. attorney who was asked for input as someone who “appears to favor a reintroduction of wolves” on federal lands.

Federal law and department policy prohibit such factors in hiring career positions.

I still say that if the POTUS, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND THE REST OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION does not have to follow the law, then no one should have to follow the law.

We don’t need no stinking laws and apparently GW Bush and the rest of his criminal gang don’t need to follow any stinking laws either.

So Be Sure to Re-elect BUSH/MCCAIN in 08! They don’t need to follow no stinking laws!