More money given to the Military Industrial Complex to perform services on foreign soil.

Billions more needed to secure U.S. embassies

I want to know who is going to pay for this? I guess that means we will just have to wait 4 MORE YEARS to rebuild the bridges or fix the levees, etc. etc.

I think we should go back to the income tax system before Reagan/Bush where the richest Americans pay up to 70% of their income in taxes UNLESS(and I stress this point), they invest it in America.

What do I mean by America? Well before Reagan/Bush changed the tax code…they had to invest in things like oil & gas devlopment, coal, refineries, etc. The money they made from this was protected by provisions in the code that gave them the privilege of protecting that money in exchange for investing it. This is how GW got his money. His grandfather started investing his money in oil & gas in order to avoid paying taxes on it. Then he protected the profits in trusts, and other provisions.

Believe me I’ve known too many people who had money only because Daddy made it and protected it in this very manner.

But if that is too extreme for you (and if it is you are probably either rich or a rich wannabee), then just repeal the HUGE tax breaks that GW gave the richest Americans. Hell, even Warren Buffet says it is too extreme.

But that’s not what Bush/McCain want. They want to make these tax cuts for the Rich PERMANENT. And McCain wants to cut taxes for the corporations. That leaves only the middle class paying taxes.

But under a Bush/McCain rule, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the Middle Class disappears. So what happens when there is no one left to pay for all this stuff!

So Remember to Re-elect BUSH/MCCAIN 08 — bankrupting America $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq!