Loose change

As the Presidential campaign takes shape those still awake will remark at the ability of the two presumptive nominees to “nuance”, “refine” and “modify” the very positions and principles that attracted interest to them in the first place. Both Senators Obama and McCain claim they are agents of change. Seems that some of that change is falling to the ground.

McCain began the process long ago, during the primary campaign when sitting dead in the water the “outsider” figured out that being outside looked good only to those who didn’t want desperately to be insiders. The “independent minded” McCain suddenly was seen on his knees before the religious right, offering to give it whatever service they desired. The same man who once decried the rantings of right wing preachers now embraced the new king of hate, Rev. Hagee.

And just to prove that there is never too much sucking up for a candidate, McCain then denounced Hagee once someone pointed out to him that his support was too expensive, even for a vote whore like McCain. The same man who once criticized Bush’s tax cuts as bad medicine for a nation plunging into uncontrolled debt, now embraces these same welfare for the wealthy cuts and even wants to go further.

Not to be outdone, Senator Obama has launched his own dive to the bottom by switching on a raft of issues that originally set him apart. This week saw him renounce public campaign financing with the flimsiest of explanations which fooled only those who would vote for him no matter what. Then, proving no flip is too much of a flop, he announced his support of the Spying on America Act claiming it is a “reasonable” compromise. Horse crap. It is a sell-out.

So it is becoming very clear that the “agent of change” candidates are poised to conduct yet another “lesser of two evils” campaign for the Presidency. You know, the one where voters are faced with the choice between two candidates who don’t even come close to offering any real change in the corrupt ways of the long term relationship of money and power.

We will no doubt get a whole lot of “but look what will happen to the Court “ and “you will lose your right to ________________” and other bull crap all designed to get us to vote out of fear rather than for something. I have been through so many of these charades that the only real issue now is on which prejudice, fear or canard will each of the candidates rely between now and November.

Hand me a drink, will you? Oh and pass the doobie along dude. I am busy watching overpaid prima donnas run around the base paths and tune into the latest installments of “I am good looking so look at me do THIS” on my 100 inch LCD with surround sound to worry about all this.

Party on Garth!


  1. ekaton

    Sad to say, but at the national level the vote is pretty much useless. It might make a difference for house campaigns but not senate or president. DNC/RNC are flipsides of the same coin. The corporate fascists are firmly in command and control.

    — Kent Shaw

  2. ekaton

    I may just do that woody. NO MORE voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Obama is as much a warmonger as any of the rest of them. He has already proposed taking the war into Pakistan. Speaking of war, just think what a sophisticated levee system we could have had all up and down the Mississippi, Missouri and tributaries. And have several hundred billion left over to repair bridges and highways and invest in alternate tech. Yeah. Well. In a more perfect world.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. acf

    Seventy one year old white men who have been a part of the Washington establishment for their entire lives, are not ‘agents of change’, no matter how much they try to claim they are. OTOH, 45 year old successful, well educated, accomplished black men who have forsaken big corporate jobs to work as inner city community organizers, and are in their first term in Washington, are inherently agents of change.

  4. Jim C

    1st , The only thing ” voting for Ron Paul ” would accomplish is 1. wasting your vote 2. make a strong statement that you are willing to just hand over for free everything that corporations now pay huge bribes to obtain . Sorry , I simply can’t agree with the ” lets just remove all the rules and go with the law of the jungle ” , that won’t fix anything .
    Until we break the two party stranglehold and go to strict public financing we’re going to keep getting more of the same . Corporate and other entrenched power structures will control who gets to run and what we get to hear , period . We also need to go back to the concept that the medias news coverage is a public service that has to be treated as such to get ( and keep ) a license to use the ” publics ” airwaves . When we allowed them to go to for profit infotainment rather than insisting the news be a public service the dumbing down began and the effects are obvious .