Nunn of the above

    I recently read that Senator Obama is considering John Edwards or Sam Nunn as possible VP choices.

    Obama Team Weighs Nunn, Edwards As Running Mates

    Here is my problem. Sam Nunn is 70 years old and been out of office for 10 years.

    How can you make an issue of McCain’s age and then have a 70 year old VP? Give me a break!

    John Edwards was my candidate in this election but I do not believe he would be the best choice.

    This past weekend I spent some time in the type of area that Senator Obama needs to win….heavily Hispanic and older more conservative caucasuan voters.

    Who is their overall favorite to be VP? Surprise, Surprise! Governor Richardson.

    If Senator Obama picks Governor Richardson as his VP, I predict he will win TX, New Mexico, AND ARIZONA (McCain’s home state).

    I could find not a single person this past weekend that had any objections to Governor Richardson.

    Anyone who has a problem with Governor Richardson as VP is probably not going to vote for Obama anyways.

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