Kerry to Dems: Fight back, damnit!

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group was Sen. John Kerry’s albatross in 2004. Now, the Democrat is warning his party about suffering the same fate in a fundraising letter.

In 2004, the Swift Boat group, backed by Texas businessman Bob Perry, made unsubstantiated allegations about Kerry’s Vietnam War heroism. The presidential nominee’s slow and uncertain response is blamed for helping doom his White House bid.

This year, Perry has donated $5 million to the Economic Freedom Fund, a newly created California group, that is running ads, sending out mailings and using automated phone calls to criticize Democratic candidates in Georgia, West Virginia, Iowa and Indiana.

Kerry urges Democrats to fight back in a letter seeking funds for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"Their first attack ads against Democratic House candidates are already on the air. They hope they’ve caught you sleeping. We have to respond quickly and in force," Kerry writes in an e-mail sent to tens of thousands of Democrats.

Kerry was widely criticized for his slow response to the Swift Boat attacks.

"You get knocked down and you can either get mad or you can get tougher," said Kerry spokesman David Wade. "Our battle cry is ‘never again.’"

Since losing the White House in 2004, Kerry has raised more than $10 million for almost 200 candidates at the local, state and federal level, aides say. He is mentioned as a potential candidate in 2008.

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  1. Ted

    Sometimes in life one must duel with skunks, but no one should be fool enough to allow the skunks to choose the weapons.
    ~~ Joe Cannon

  2. rbank

    There is no doubt in my mind that John Kerry won. Or for that matter that Al Gore won before him. The sadest part is while the republicans stole the election they had to trash the men who really won. JOhn Kerry could not fight to have the votes counted because if he did he would have suffered like Al GOre did. JOhn Kerry loved his country enough to fight for it and then come back and say the war was wrong. THat Took alot of courage. He had job experience. He is able to look at both sides of the issue. I wish he had trashed king george but I respect him because he didn’t. I was so appalled by the republicans in 2004. I don’t think people really listened to JOhn Kerry and I don’t think the media let his message come out. I remember the speechs that were cut off in midsentence meanwhile we had to listen to every poisoned filled words of king george and his uncle DICK> I really don’t think the media is allowing the democrates message to get out. Just like they made sure it didn’t get out in 2000 and 2004.

  3. thetruegod

    Agree with Comment No. 1. Kerry is in NO position to give advice to ANYone. He could have fought back in 2004, but — NO — it was important for him to be a “sensitive 90’s guy” and just do nothing. But it was (after all) the Democrats who chose HIM and REJECTED Gen. Wesley Clark, who could have won . . . Clark, it seemed, was WAY “too macho” for all those sensitive Democrats: Congratulations.

  4. ebbtide

    Fight back?!? Ya THINK??

    Normally, I’d say ‘better late than never’, but this is a little too late.

    Nupe. You’ll need George Soros’ money and an extremely well funded and longterm effort to turn back the Nazi Party.

  5. Donna Hughes

    Whatever else you may think about John Kerry and his accomplishments and motives for doing things, he hung his ass out there in Viet Nam to be shot at, instead of getting out of it or hiding under Daddy’s shadow like Bushy Boy.

    Apparently, as incredible as it seems, a lot of Americans couldn’t see just how they were being “played” by the dirty tactics of Team Bush.

    Remember how fed-up people SAID they were with negative political campaigns? So the Democrats did a civilized, positive program for their convention, and what happens immediately after? Bush/Rove release a Terror Alert. Of course it was something that Bush been sitting on for a while, waiting for just the right time.

    It’s appropriate that Rove is so good at these dirty tricks because he looks like something that might grow in the dark, out of rotting manure.

  6. Dennis

    John Kerry is the last person on earth who should be giving advise to the Democratic party. I was 100% behind his candidacy in ’04, but after letting those “swift Boat” morons run right over him, he has nothing to say that should be taken as advise.

    Losing the election to the most corrupt and morally bankrupt president in U.S. history qualifies him to do nothing but just shut up and go home to one of his wife’s lovely mansions!

    Dennis (NYC)

  7. Kerry solicited millions from us to “count every vote,” then when his brother Bonesman out-cheated him shut up and went on vacation while the Greens & Libertarians fought for the voters right to be counted. Kerry married a fellow Bonesman’s widow, and his true allegiance to the elite plutocrats has never wavered, as we should have learned when he threw his ribbons over Nixon’s wall and said “I don’t do this to oppose anyone.” Kerry was fine with anti-war demonstrators being evicted from the Dem convention, and his last vestige of spine disappeared after his Iran-Contra investigations fizzled.

  8. David Rosenberg

    The Democrats should take heed from Kerry. He is the one speaking from expierence. Not only should Democrats fight back against the Boaters, the lastest polls suggest Republicans are closing the gap, in many races. I have had the feeling, Democrats are laying back thinking votes will go their way just to not vote Republican. This is not the way Dems should be thinking.

  9. Donna Hughes

    I don’t know if John Kerrry should run again, but I still think he is a good man. The Karl Rove/Republican (R/R) smear machine shot down Gore, McCain, Kerry, and others, not because they had anything truthful to say but because while these good people were trying to explain what they would do the R/R people would come up with some stupid mantra, like “flip-flop” and repeat it and repeat it and hammer it into the heads of many out there who seem incapable of thinking into any depth on issues-sort of a herd mentality, I guess. All of those out there mindlessly chanting “flip-flop” were like mooing cattle, drowning out real discussion.
    They’ve got there little mantra going here in Iowa, against Leonard Boswell. They want to make him “The Tax Man”. Funny, but he is also an honorable war vet.
    I guess Bush’s “Military Service” record is so poor that his henchmen have to try to drag honorable, experienced men down to his level – that of a cocky, smirking adolescent who thinks he knows it all.

  10. Jackson

    Will the hapless American public ever realize they’re being played for fools by the biggest collection of liars and traitors ever to occupy D.C. John Kerry demanding Dems to fight back, is like Benedict Arnold demanding that the original patriots fight back, against the British! Politics in the U.S. has degenerated into a tragi-comedy of liars and traitors for candidates, and mostly idiots, for an electorate.

  11. john white

    I cannot believe that anybody is still considering Kerry. This is a career blowhard and not the Nam veteran that started out (something happens to people who goto Washington). Remember also, he actually got lower grades in college than Bush! (so if you think Bush is stupid….)

    My fond hope (wishful thinking) is that the Democrats can actually come up with a candidate who is not a blowhard, not a long time career politician and somebody with a shred of personal integrity. I am, however, not holding my breath given how they seem to get upset with anybody running under their banner with a shred of independence.

    I wish us all good luck….

  12. JoyfulC

    Talk about supporting the troops!

    What does it say when we question the medals given out to soldiers? Aren’t we debasing the medals soldiers receive today?

    Both Perry — and Kerry, who refused to call ‘Bullshit’ — have done a dishonour to the troops.

    They might as well stop handing out medals now. They’re worth no more than Cracker Jack prizes after the 2004 election.