Bush to Congress: Embrace energy exploration now

Stupid is as stupid does is the famous line from the movie “Forrest Gump”. And the Democrats are showing they are just as bad as the Republicans about putting politics before the good of the nation.

The Republican party had a chance to put the good of the nation before their own political agenda by ending the Iraq War. But they wouldn’t because politics is more important.

Now the Dems have the perfect opportunity to step up, be the hero, and put the good of our country, our people and our economy before politics and they don’t.

This may be their achilles heel.

If gas prices continue their spiraling climb and them Dems don’t work with the other side to accomplish something, by November they will be the ones blamed for the high price of gas and oil.

Opening up this area for offshore drilling is no big deal.

It is not like you can move a drilling rig in overnight and start drilling.

It may take years to develop those fields. Perhaps the compromise would be to require companies who stand to make a lot of money doing this drilling put up a deposit to cover any damages their drilling might do.

We do this in other circumstances. That deposit could be held and grow interest on it until the drilling and production is complete.

If the Dems will realize the big hole in their pants and do something to fix it, they should run away with the election in November. The oil companies would be happy, the gas station operators would be happy, people would be happy. And this might actually be reflected in the current price of oil.

But if they continue to play politics throughout this campaign at the expense of the average Joe, they might just lose in November.

I’m sure the Genuises of Propaganda already know this which is why they are playing this card now.

So, Senator Obama, if you truly are going to be a different kind of POTUS, pleasee tell the Democratic leadership in Congress to stop playing politics as usual and let us develop and produce more oil so we can be less dependent on oil from the Middle East.

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