Less than one-quarter of Americans think President George W. Bush is doing a good job, giving him the worst marks of his two-term presidency, a poll showed Tuesday.

The poll also showed 80 percent think the United States is on the wrong track.

Only 24 percent of those surveyed gave Bush a positive rating, a score "worse than that of any president, except for Jimmy Carter (22 percent in July 1980) since Harris first started measuring them," the Harris polling agency, which conducted the survey, said.

Bush’s previous low came in April, when 26 percent of Americans said he was doing a good job.

The survey of 1,001 US adults, which was conducted by telephone between June 4 and 8 by Harris Interactive, showed that Americans were in "a foul political mood," the polling agency said.

Eighty percent of poll respondents said the United States was on the wrong track — a five percent increase from the previous high during the Bush presidency: 75 percent in April.

"Clearly the economy and record gas prices are a big part of the problem," the polling firm said.

"When asked, without being prompted or shown a list, which are the two most important issues for the government to address, the economy (38 percent) gets the most mentions, followed by the war (25 percent but another nine percent mention Iraq) and gas and oil prices (20 percent)," it said.

"Those mentioning gas and oil prices have jumped from only one percent in February and 10 percent in April to 20 percent now."

Prices paid by US motorists for a gallon (around 3.5 liters) of petrol have risen from around three dollars in January to more than four dollars this month.

Vice President Dick Cheney fared even worse than the president, with just 18 percent of Americans saying he was doing a good job.

His previous low score was a 21-percent positive rating in July last year.

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