Bending the rules vs preserving civil liberties: Are these our only two choices?

    i.e., The war over the war against terror.

    Most of us have chosen side; we dream of a hypothetical situation where a nuke is ticking to go off and a hardened al Qada suspect has the code to stop it memorized in his head, or we dream of a hypothetical situation where if you mention civil liberties to our grandchildren, they won’t know what you are talking about.

    When Moussaoui was being tried as the alleged mastermind of 9/11, he didn’t seem like a man subjected to at least the borderline next to torture, he also as an insider knew water-boarding wouldn’t lead to death and was no big deal if you didn’t let it bother you. Anytime death was a possibility God was on his mind not panic, while bin Laden’s chauffeur, who should have been detained as a material witness rather than a terrorist, would have experienced pure terror.

    One so-called dangerous al Qaeda suspect was going around trying to find al Qaeda to suggest that shopping malls would be nifty targets, probably had anything but pleasure on his mind when he was being grilled. So the US may engage in equal procedures in how it interrogate suspects, but the terror being imposed is far from equal. A innocent terror suspect at Abu Ghraib prison who thought he was having menstrual blood smeared on him could have felt he was no longer a respectable human being, while perhaps Moussaoui was proudly experiences pure pleasure while being subjected to much worse humiliation.

    At this point I’m not going to suggest possible solutions filled with a lot of ands, buts and maybes, most of which I might retract upon further thought. For the question of fair trials, if a group such as al Qaeda ever decided that jurors would fair targets to be hunted down and made an example of, will fair trials ever be possible even if Jimmy Carter is elected to a second term?

    President Bush claims their goal, and I guess he means bin Laden’s, is to end our democratic freedoms. I’m sure this is far from al Qaeda’s main goal. But, if that was the actual goal of a future group, would civil liberties from that point forward be possible to maintain?

    In Pakistan a public school, where some of the children were children of contractors working for Americans was s considered fair game for terrorists, according to a now desperate Pakistani blogger named Muhammad Khurshid, The question we never ask, in politics or foreign policy. is what kinds of future for human kind is possible?

    To me, it is obvious that McCain’s dream of restoring the US as an assertive proud player on the world scene is not the solution, but does that necessarily mean that any of us knows what the solution is?

    July 21 edit, I posted a reference link in the article where readers have missed it, Google Muhammad Khurshid or click,


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