Bush Administration defies Supreme Court, to continue with military commissions

    The Justice Department has announced that the Supreme Court’s decision last week to allow habeas corpus rights to Bush’s “enemy combatants” should not affect the military trials process. They say the government plans to go ahead with military commissions for those who are facing war crimes charges. (WaPo has the story here.)

    This flies in the face of our system of government, where the powers of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial balance each other out. Essentially the Bush Administration is saying they will ignore the Supreme Court ruling and do as they please.

    As the Court noted, “few exercises of judicial power are as legitimate or as necessary as the responsibility to hear challenges to the authority of the Executive to imprison a person.”

    Yet the Bush Administration is going to continue as if the case never happened. Business as usual for the Administration of war criminals.

    This is a Constitutional crisis. Should the Bush Administration continue on this course they are forcing a showdown between the Executive and the Judicial branches like we have never seen.

    If the Administration is allowed to continue, then the Constitution is essentially null and void and we are officially a military dictatorship.


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