Our policy on comments and blogs

    Effective immediately, Capitol Hill Blue will strictly enforce its guidelines on comments and blogs posted to this web site.

    To review those guidelines:

    We believe in civility at Capitol Hill Blue and must insist that commenters avoid attacks on other readers, obscenities or threats. We reserve the right to moderate or remove comments that we feel violate our rules. Posts that contain racism, homophobia, bigotry or Antisemitism will be removed and the posters banned. Likewise, posts that seek only to insult others, including other readers of this web site, elected officials or others in public view will be considered in context and if we feel they are out of line, they will be removed. We also reserve the right to remove the ability to comment from certain articles and, if necessary, review comments before they are published.

    As publisher of this web site, I have grown weary of those who substitute hate for debate, anger for reason and hyperbole for fact. We are here to discuss issues, not attack each other. We exist to debate issues that affect this country, not to try and impress the world on how cute we can be when it comes to snarky nicknames for each other or public officials.

    Valid political debate is not served by hate or by angry diatribes at others. We cannot find solutions to the very real problems that face this country is all we do is call each other names.

    If your only goal here is to insult others, please do us all a favor and do it elsewhere. If your only goal is to practice partisan politics, we recommend you do it on the many partisan web sites that exist on the web.  Our goal here is, as it always has been, to examine issues from a non-partisan point of view and to measure everyone with an apolitical yardstick.

    Most of the readers of this web site offer solid, reasoned debate on issues but we have a growing number who feel they can only comment through insult, invective and incivility. That will stop or the ability to post comments and blogs on Capitol Hill Blue will stop. You are guests in our home. We simply ask that you behave as such.

    –Doug Thompson


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