I just recently familiarized myself with the Warning signs of Alheimers’ site. Because I thought I was losing my mind, but so far, it is only my keys, or where I wanted to go when I left one room for another.

There is also such a thing as the Biological versus the Chonological age. The Chinese have been occupied with this a lot longer than the western world.

With the recent totally unexpected death of Tim Russert, who, as one looks at his Dad, apparently had “good genes”, one can imagine how lifestyle and life’s experiences also play a big part in “aging”.

Sadly, and without wanting to be “agist”, when one remembers the horrendous situations McCain went through in Vietnam, it is not surprising that at a fairly young age of 71, he presents as someone older than his chronological age. That alone, should give one pause at the voting booth. And, of course, the choice for VP becomes a lot more important.

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