The first thing that must be done to fix Health Care

    ‘Rags to riches’ through Medicare fraud

    The first thing that must be done to our Health Care system is FIX THIS PROBLEM!

    $105 million scam highlights growing problem for feds

    If we can’t fix this problem, then we can’t have a Health Care system that works for EVERYONE!

    Imagine a new system with even MORE FRAUD!

    As much as I want to see a Health Care policy that enables EVERY AMERICAN access to our system, I want to see this FRAUD problem fixed PERMANENTLY.

    This is just another example of how a BIG BUREAUCRACY just does not work anymore.

    Hell, in a computer age, we are suppose to be able to spot FRAUD better, not worse. Looks to me that the only ones that got any better are the crooks using computers.

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