Censorship, the last refuge of cowards

    I haven’t ever posted an article on this site, but there’s a first and a last for everything.

    When a website solicits comments on their articles and then censors them because they don’t agree with the content, one has to wonder what the exchange really is.

    The purpose seems to be to generate hits by creating controversy. Since this is a commercial site, that’s to be expected. However, when this gets to be the sole purpose of the site, then it makes itself irrelevant as the goofy positions it takes.

    I was banned from this site previously for retorting to a personal attack from another poster. I’m about to be banned (or already have been) for daring to contradict Doug on yet another of his wild-ass stir-the-pot anti-left articles. What could generate more hits to a website that draws lefty visitors than attack pieces on Dennis Kucinich and Keith Olbermann?

    This is transparent. It’s not even shilling for the GOP, it’s shilling for hits.

    Oooops. The publisher has no clothes.


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