Olbermann: Worst taxpayer in the world?

MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann, who spotlights misbehavior nightly with his "Worst Person in the World" recognition, owes New York state for unpaid business taxes, according to a tax warrant notice.

And his conservative counterparts and bloggers are making sure the debt is fodder in the ongoing political commentators’ feud.

Olbermann, the host of "Countdown," owes New York $2,269.50, according to a tax warrant obtained by The Associated Press. State Tax and Finance Department spokesman Tom Bergin said the debt recorded against the TV host’s Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc., based in Los Angeles, is still open.

MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines called it a bookkeeping disagreement between Olbermann’s accountants and the state and said it was resolved months ago.

Bergin said the debt could have been resolved recently, but it has not yet been legally "satisfied" and so remains an open case.

The tax debt has been featured on the blog OlbermannWatch.com, which referred to Olbermann as a "deadbeat," and among Page Six items in the New York Post. The tabloid referred to Olbermann as a "professional angry man" who likes tax-and-spend liberals "but didn’t pay his own taxes."

Olbermann has named Fox TV conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly the world’s worst person more than a dozen times. News Corp., headed by CEO Rupert Murdoch, owns the New York Post and Fox News Channel, among other properties.


  1. Sandra Price

    This is easily checked and I will. I seriously doubt that Keith Olbermann would step into a mess with Murdoch without clean shoes.

  2. Sandra Price

    The 2,200 dollars has probably been paid and is such a small amount compared to his income, it may not have been posted yet. Had it been 22 million, it would be a different story.

  3. Jonnan

    So – the story here is that Keith Olbermann, or an accountant in his employ, (generously) miscalculated or (cynically) misread the tax code in a way they thought they could get away with to the tune of $2,200. (Or slightly less than my tax refund was, as someone that makes almost exactly average salary for the U.S.)

    One which, presuming MS-NBC is not indulging in lying on the record in a way which I believe they would be caught at, was resolved months ago, and is just waiting for paperwork to clear.

    Y’know – if he hadn’t paid his taxes, or committed fraud, something like that, this would be news. And, for me, a $2,200 discrepancy would indicate just that.

    But – at $4,000,000 a year, for Keith Olbermann, it’s a mistyped *decimal point* somewhere!