Religion and Politics

    Religion and politics are two subjects that most Americans have been told to stay away from in their associations with others. I was told when I entered my private high school to stay away from these subjects as the school was filled with girls from all over the world. We ignored this rule and we all became comfortable with each other’s Gods and government differences.

    The discussions of these two sensitive subjects are not based on moral issues but comparisons of various locations on the planet. I discovered, as a freshman in high school, that most girls followed their God based on their location and family culture. The Gods were used to guide all into a more moral set of values taking the place of being trained by the heads of the households. None of these cults/sects believed in training all actions to be either wrong or right. As long as the chosen book was followed, one could not make bad decisions.

    It was the same thing when it came to the political leaders in any nation and that there were firm rules of what people should not do. I represented the USA and tried to define our freedoms that were protected by our Constitution and did not write up a list of what we should not do. Suddenly in 1998 people began to ask our government in America for lists of things they must not do and it became the Prohibitions presented by the Religious Right. I remembered those girls in other nations and my expressing the freedoms that made Americans unique. They were very impressed with this.

    It seems as if our new form of Government now became the government of the Christian God and put us all in the same type of government that resembled other nations. We saw the laws of the Pope in Rome take on all Italian citizens and their individual freedoms removed during the period of the Inquisitions. We saw the laws of the Catholics do the same thing in France, Spain and Ireland. In England, it was the Church of England setting British laws against the Catholics and forcing the citizens to live under the same laws as everyone else, subject to change depending on the monarchy.

    When the Gods from all nations are engaged into the laws of these nations, wars and revolutions start.

    This is a subject that must be discussed by everyone in every nation. We must not walk away from any discussion on either politics or religion. America at one time had the nation based on individual freedoms with the parents responsible for training all of us to know right from wrong. This was also a part of our schooling and seemed to work for many decades. The Civil war was based on the federal government not recognizing the Africans brought into the South against their will, as humans. Sadly there are many Americans who still do not consider them as equals.

    Even after opening our borders to foreigners who brought their own Gods with them being taught that America has no religious restrictions are shaking their heads in a puzzled state. It now seems as if America has a lot of these freedoms. . We are not compatible with any God but Jesus Christ. This means that homosexuals are considered a level of sins within the Constitution. It means that Jews are set aside because they worship the God of Abraham and many Christian families will not allow a Jew to marry within their family.

    In 2000 America brought religion into our federal and state elections with promises of faith-based grants to the Christian churches. This is legal all over the world but it steps on the First Amendment in America. We must discuss this and bring our government back to the Constitution before we lose all our freedoms. In the Primaries of 2008, even the Republicans had to prove they were Christians by asking them if they believed in Evolution.

    America has slipped a cog in freedom when this intrusion into our government and our citizens is based on a government made up of Christians, we have no firm Constitution left. It is now a platform in the agenda to elect men who promise to appoint only Christian Supreme Court Justices.

    It shows that Americans can no longer understand right from wrong and will look to the highest court and the highest Executive office to tell us what not to do.

    This is not the American government I spoke of back in the 1940’s when surrounded with girls from all over the world. I felt at that time, I understood American values and today I was mistaken. Americans are no better than the slaves of other nations and this came about when we shunned the subjects of politics and religion and were swallowed by both.

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