Mr. Bush is touring Europe in what the MSM has dubbed his farewell tour. It’s not a moment too soon for most of the world. The BBC reported today on President Bush’s trip in Italy, outlining excerpts from his talks there. According to the BBC:

Mr Bush urged them to ignore the “misinformation and propaganda” spread about his country and to learn the “first-hand truth about America” by visiting.

“The best diplomacy for America, particularly among young folks, is to welcome you to our country,” he said. “We are compassionate, we’re an open country, we care about people and we’re entrepreneurial.”

It is particularly funny for those of us in the blogosphere to hear the President complain about misinformation. Mr. Bush could very well be remembered in history as the Misinformation President, what with his statements on Iraq, his claims to have had nothing to do with the Plame Affair, his claims to have been unaware of torture at Gitmo and Abu Gharib, or even his statements about everything from the US economy to global warming. The Bush Administration is the most secretive and deceitful US Presidency ever!

One also has to love that Mr. Bush invites the young Italians to come to America and experience it first hand. We have to wonder how many young Italians, particularly the darker skinned ones, would even be allowed into the USA without being strip and body cavity searched.

Bush claims we are a compassonate, open country that cares about people. Could Mr. Bush tell the truth in anything he says?

In the era of the War on Terror, we are frightened people that allow our government to spy on us. We have no habeas corpus. We have lost our right to vote in fair and open elections via electronic voting. We attack other countries unprovoked in pre-emptive wars that need not have been fought and are started on out-right lies. We imprison children under 15 years old. We lock people up indefinitely without trial. We maim, torture, and lay waste to entire countries for 1000’s of years with our uranium weapons.

We do all these bad things claiming it’s for our own security when it’s really all about the economic security of the ruling elite and their goals for one world government. They want it all, and they want it now.

So by all means Italians, come and visit. Just don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms at the airport. Don’t expect any privacy should you phone, write, or email your home. And don’t expect any compassion for your own troubles. We’ve got problems of our own.

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