Perhaps this is why 14 Republican congressmen and Senators are not supporting their parties nominee.

Menendez: McCain Has Taken Sides With Hardliners And Anti-Immigrants

One of Congress’ most influential Hispanic members says that John McCain “walked away” from the Latino community and is not a “person of principle” on immigration reform — a perception that could haunt the Arizona Republican in the general election.

Just another reason why Obama/Richardson 08 is the Dems WINNING team!

Menedez has some strong words about John McCain that perhaps the Latino community should listen to.

“In my mind, he has dramatically shifted. He has really taken a Republican tact,” said the New Jersey Democrat. “It seems to me, and it is out there in the community, that he walked away at a critical time. And when you take that view, which shows that he is not the person of principle that he would like to show himself being, and you wear the Republican mantle that is so negative and anti-immigrant… I think it is very hard for John McCain to make hay with Latinos at the end of the day.”

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