McCain must be insane! It’s the ONLY possible explanation!

    On NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams asks John Bush McCain about Iraq. “Will your support be there for however many U.S. troops are required?” McCain answers emphatically: “Yes.”

    Senility has set in and the man OBVIOUSLY does not have full control of his mental facilities.

    Either that…or he is TOTALLY out of touch with the VAST MAJORITY of the American people.

    I cannot believe he said this! Watch it at the link below!

    McCain Again Pledges To Send Unlimited US Troops To Iraq

    But it gets wierder and wierder YET!

    John McCain Compares Obama To Jimmy Carter

    I don’t know how anyone in his campaign could bother with this comparison. It just shows how DESPERATE McCain is to take over our country. That he will say and do ANYTHING TO RULE our country….just like George, Dick and Karl.

    RE-ELECT BUSH/MCCAIN ’08 — Sending UNLIMITED TROOPS to Iraq for the next 100 years at $4566 PER SECOND!

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