Underwear commandos

Bloggers often publish their thoughts, tantrums and inaccuracies from the safety of their homes while still in their pajamas, underwear or less.  It’s a safe, secure world where they pass judgment on those who risk their lives to uncover the truth.  And that’s the problem.

Writes Will Bunch in Attytood:

I don’t know whether an Iraqi photojournalist named Bilal Hussein — a member of the Associated Press team that won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for its breathtaking pictures of the fighting there — has any connection to the anti-U.S. insurgency there.

Neither does Powerline, Michelle Malkin, or any of the other right-wing blogger so eager to convict Hussein, who has been held in capitivity by the U.S. military for five months now without any charges lodged against him.

But the lack of any criminal charges — let alone much information about what Bilal Hussein did to merit five months behind bars — hasn’t stopped these wingers from convicting him, and the Associated Press along with it, of being a terrorist.

I’ll tell you what I do know:

1) Powerline, Michelle Malkin and the others like them have no respect for the American principle of a free and unfettered press, no understanding of what a photojournalist does or the importance that uncensored photos can play in the political debate half a world away. The bottom line is they’d like to destroy any photographic evidence of how badly their president’s lie-laden misadventure has gone in Iraq.

2) The Bush administration, and the U.S. military acting under its command, has no respect for the writ of habeas corpus, or the American principle that prisoners cannot be held indefinitely without any charges lodged against them. This is why America’s standing in the world — which was built in large part on our respect for these values — is fast disappearing, and why the "war on terror" that Powerline, Malkin and the others claims is so important is in fact slipping away from them.

Bunch uncovers a key issue in those who blindly put their faith in bloggers — conservative or liberal. Most of them are armchair commandos who never covered a real news story, much less a war. Too many sit in thier darkened dens, kitchens or basements and spew out their bile without knowing the facts because they are not on the scene or out there in the muck covering the news.

Bilal Hussein was doing his job covering an unpopular war launched by a deceptive President in troubled times. For that he is now a prisoner of a system where paranoia overcomes reason and tyranny trumps justice.


  1. it’s easy to post to a blog – and it’s safe. It’s also not effective in changing minds – at least not as effective as getting out – on the street – in person – and making a statement.
    Would Joe Hill have been able to do as much for the striking copper mine workers if he’d been sitting in a loft in NYC typing – rather than standing before the hired thugs of the mine owners? Would Mother Jones, Emma Goldman, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Steve Earle or countless others have been as effective from the safety and isolation of a URL?
    Of course not – and that’s why some of us (like Steve Earle, Pete Seeger and myself) continue to stand in public – guitar or banjo in hand – and make very public statements – which bring the wrath of the administration, the KKK and others down upon our heads -in the end you’ve got to have the courage of your convictions to stand in public and say “this is wrong” –




  2. It would be really great if ‘real’ reporters reported the news. It would be really great if ‘real’ reporters didn’t editorialize every story they report. I don’t want to know the ‘reporters’ opinion of the story, whether they state it outright or imply it through tone, words or actions. It would be really great if we could trust the ‘real reporters’ to do their job. Judith Miller jumps to mind… the fella in Florida paid by the administration to report anti-Castro stories fed to him… the ’embedded’ reporters who reported censored stories… the White House press corps who sat with James Dale Guckert and couldn’t out him as a fraud… on and on and on…

    Bring some integrity back to the MSM, quit worrying about ratings and ‘bloggers’ might not seem so attractive.

    I have my own site where I say all kinds of stuff. I’m not ‘the news’. In fact, as I type this I’m sitting in my living room, naked, drinking a cup of coffee.

  3. Joe Lawrence

    What Will fails to understand is the poor right-wing bloggers’ unintended set of biases, which fall, like the apple, not far from the tree of the PNAC cabal; the bloggers have come to believe that they, like those making up the cabal, do not personally know anyone at risk of losing important life, limbs or liberties. Or, at least, they have self-deluded themselves into thinking not.

  4. Meredith

    See the second to last paragaph: “vile.” It’s either an adjective modifying an absent noun or it’s the noun, “bile.” My guess is the latter.

  5. LeftCoastUpChukker

    Awww sweetie… Are youums mad at all bloggers?

    “Bunch uncovers a key issue in those who blindly put their faith in bloggers — conservative or liberal.”

    No sentient thinking reader should blindly put their faith in bloggers. Bloggers don’t “report” news. Nor do they fabricate like thousands of “reporters” do. That’s not their job.

    “Most of them are armchair commandos who never covered a real news story, much less a war. Too many sit in thier darkened dens, kitchens or basements and spew out their vile without knowing the facts because they are not on the scene or out there in the muck covering the news.”

    Goodness…you are soooo cross, sweetie? I’m sitting in my upstairs bedroom which I’ve turned into a study and computer room. I am fully dressed but I am wearing slippers…soo comfortable. I don’t spew out vile unless I get an opportunity to hurl excrement at the brutal demeaning Bush-Cheney cabal. Scroff has already pointed out the much overlooked fact that our “reporters” are being paid to come up with bullshit. Was it your paid turn to dis the bloggers? We know that DipHeads Bush-Cheney are very unhappy that so many bloggers are exposing there lies and dissing their bullshit.We sure-as-hell can’t depend on the Dems, or Big Press, or any other traditional stand-uppers to call these ass-holes….ASSHOLES. I for one send a Big Huzzah to all bloggers who can sort the truth from the bullshit and let people know!

  6. David Rosenberg

    The Right-Wing Bloggers must say “Guilty” before any truth is said. A Photojournalist lets his pictures speak for themselves. Seeing a young person on the ground witha bullet in the head, with American soldiers taking their own pictures, draw out different conclutions, of what happened.
    The Right-Wing Blogger has to defend the soldier by saying, they came after the fact, when in truth, they may have been doing the shooting. The Right-Wing will go on to say, The young person was caught in the crossfire or was dekivering Ammo to the terrorist and had to be shot.
    The Right-Wing knows they are fewer in number, trying to convince the war is needed to be won at all costs. They still believe a president that has lost all credibility and hang on for dear life.