The Primaries are Over

    The Primaries are over. We are down to two men who could not be more different. I keep hearing that we know little about Obama but we know a helluvalot about McCain.

    Obama is running on a change on Capitol Hill, right? McCain is running on the social prohibitions that will land us in a police state. He is willing to break the same laws that Bush broke and keep the same laws of unwarranted wire taping working a gainst us. He will keep the Patriot’s Act and for icing on the cake he will back the prohibitions. Okay what is wrong here? A never-ending war is what is wrong!

    Will we end up with another freewheeling Constitution destroyer going from one war to another just because he can? Of all the things that we despise about Bush are rolled up in another Republican who had the courage to wear the uniform of America. We cannot take his courage away but we don’t have to swallow all the garbage he brings with him.

    This morning I read that Newsmax, O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Fox News will dedicate the next 5 months to destroy Obama. Hell, that turns me on to voting for him. In the last elections since 1992, I have not voted for a Republican because I saw this movement of the neoconservatives on the horizon and wrote in names. But this time I’m royally pissed off. The GOP will pull out all the stops, and if we thought we knew what WMDs were, they can’t old a candle to what the GOP will bring out in 2008.

    Put racism away and look at the history of our founders. They wanted a government of individuals not these gang rapes that have surfaced in the last 27 years. Vote as individuals wanting out of the Bush agenda. Stand up for our individual freedoms that have a better chance under Obama than any Republican outside of Ron Paul.