Two cheers for Barack Obama

Sen. Barack Obama finally captured the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday. For this, he deserves two cheers from Americans from coast to coast.

First, Obama secured this country’s chief domestic priority for 2008: denying Sen. Hillary Clinton the presidency. Obama has earned the eternal gratitude of millions of relieved Americans who understand how calamitous a Hillary Clinton administration would have been. She combines ruthless ambition, a pathological sense of entitlement, and the ethical restraint of Richard Nixon’s “White House plumbers” unit.

Clinton and her supporters repeatedly played the race card against Obama. On May 8, Clinton notoriously said that “Senator Obama’s support among working, hardworking Americans, white Americans, is weakening again.”

Former Clinton finance committee member Geraldine Ferraro said in March, “If Obama was (sic) a white man, he would not be in this position.” When critics bristled, the ex-congresswoman replied: “I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

Former president Bill Clinton dismissed Obama’s January 26 South Carolina primary victory by saying, “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice. And Obama ran a good campaign here,” thus tying Obama’s post-racial candidacy with Jackson’s race-focused efforts.

Team Clinton’s blaxploitation recalls George Wallace. As Bruce Bartlett details in his book “Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past,” this parallels Democrats’ long history of anti-black sentiments that far exceed the so-called code words of Nixon’s alleged “Southern strategy,” in which the phrase “law and order” magically converted white resentment into electoral votes. Too bad this primary’s rhetoric was not that benign.

When the race card failed, Clinton played the assassination card, saying on May 23 that she still was a candidate because “We all remember that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” Clinton survived the ensuing firestorm because few realized that she used RFK’s murder as a crutch not once or twice but four times.

Add Clinton’s staggering recklessness to her thirst for funny money (e.g. disgraced fundraisers Norman Hsu, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung), missing legal documents, abused FBI personnel files, politically motivated IRS audits, stolen antiques, and the multifarious wrongdoing that defined the Clinton White House. Obama has spared America another four to eight years of official lawlessness. For this he merits abundant applause, if not the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Second, Obama has performed an enormous public service as a black candidate of unprecedented elegance and eloquence. Obama demonstrates what results when a young black man works and studies hard and beautifully speaks proper English. This is not “acting white,” as too many in America’s ghettoes disparage such self-respecting behavior. Rather, it is “acting right.” Let’s hope black children find Obama an inspiring alternative to the hydrochloric acid of hip-hop.

So why two cheers and not three? Despite his enormous appeal, Obama is a full-throated, big-government, tax-hiking spendthrift.

For 2007, The National Journal ranked him the Senate’s No. 1 liberal with a score of 95.5 percent. This put Obama Left of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Socialist) who rated 93.7.

The National Taxpayer’s Union calculates that Obama’s program would balloon annual federal spending by $343.6 billion. Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain would boost yearly outlays by a more modest $68.5 billion. Obama embraced Congress’ recent $307 billion farm bailout. McCain condemned it.

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund expertly dissects Obamanomics in June’s NewsMax magazine. Among the many warning signs:

— Obama wants a “market oversight commission” to monitor and reduce risks to the finance industry. The FDIC, Federal Reserve, SEC, and Treasury already attempt this.

— While Obama favors modest middle-class tax cuts, he promises widespread tax hikes. For top filers, taxes on capital gains would rise from 15 to 28 percent, dividends from 15 to 39.6 percent, and personal incomes from 35 to 39.6 percent. Meanwhile, the Death Tax would zoom in 2011 from 0 to 55 percent.

— Obama would let President Bush’s tax cuts lapse. The Heritage Foundation estimates that this would cost taxpayers $113 billion in 2011 and $133 billion in 2012 alone.

In contrast, Republican John McCain advocates aggressive tax reduction, an optional flat tax, a free market in individually owned health insurance, and an escape from the Bush era’s fiscal incontinence. As voters increasingly recognize, putting age before beauty is America’s best hope for change.

(Deroy Murdock is a columnist and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University. E-mail him at deroy.Murdock(at)


  1. Ted Remington

    Of course you are ignoring the fact that all other things being equal Obama could use the billions of dollars saved by getting out of Iraq to finance his programs.

    For decades the Republican Party has derided the “tax and spend” liberals, and now that they are in charge they are practicing steal and spend (SS) fiscal policies, stealing now from our grandchildren because they have already stolen all they can from our children. We should all remember the SS Party inherited a strong economy, a middling government surplus which could have been used to reduce our national debts that were huge even then and to maintain some credibility in the strength of the dollar. What did they do with that patrimony? The pissed it away within months of taking office. They have delivered us over to the money lenders and the pawnbrokers.

    The SS Party still believes, despite all the current evidence to the contrary, that Reagan’s voodoo economics are sacrosanct bovines, and that we can borrow our way to true happiness and financial security because the Chinese are willing to lend us the money to do that. What utter tripe.

    There is only one responsible way to sustain a government — pay the taxes to support it. If lowering taxes will stimulate the economy, which has been pretty much debunked in the last few months in my opinion, then eliminating taxes entirely will put us over the moon, won’t it? The selfishness of the average American, who wants the whole world without paying one earned nickel for it, has made us the whipping boys of the world economy.

    When is America going to wake up and realize that the “full faith and credit of the United States” is being replaced by “the empty faith and bankrupt credit of the United States?”


  2. UhhhDude

    Second, Obama has performed an enormous public service as a black candidate of unprecedented elegance and eloquence. Obama demonstrates what results when a young black man works and studies hard and beautifully speaks proper English.

    I guess you also agree that Obama is a credit to his race, too? Please.

    Obama is the Jackie Robinson of presidential politics. Because every other African-American who ever ran for president was just as qualified as he is (if not more so), Barack wins the nod because he’s more palatable to white Americans. Even so, there are still those who think he has a “Black” agenda.

    And let’s not blame hip-hop culture for pathologies in the African-American community. That is a simplistic generalization that comes from someone who really hasn’t listened to a whole lot of hip-hop music.

    Finally, please delete “tax-and-spend liberal” from your list of tired talking points. Our current president has raised the bar on reckless deficit spending, thus redefining bad government.


    Well said, Ted.

    I think Deroy’s mother must’ve looked into the future when she bore and named him – like ‘Leroy’, but with a big ‘D’ for dumb.

    Not to beat it to death, but when I read of the ‘multifarious wrongdoing that defined the Clinton White House’, I have to ask – who went to jail?
    Answer: even a republiNazi can count to zero.

    I guess they let him post here for our comic relief, or so his fellow pinheaded wingnuts don’t feel lonely.

  4. Ted Remington

    While I appreciate that you liked what I said, I’d rather that all of us avoided the argumentum ad hominems such as calling this columnist dumb with a capital D. He isn’t. Wrong does not mean dumb! And dumb means inability to form spoken speech.

    They let him post here because he writes well, has a position that he feels strongly about, and because all views are welcome. I don’t think we need to be calling anyone pinheaded wingnut. We are I hope here to debate issues and not individuals.


  5. Sandra Price

    As we would do and are doing, the only way to bring back the value of the dollar is to clean out the wasteful government programs and send them back to the states.

    I have tried here and elsewhere to discuss the options for whomever wins in November. Some input on the G.I. Bill, but little interest in the health care that seems to be driving the elections. My next priority would have been an increase in academics and who has the authority to demand it. I will not bother with that as we do not seem to be able to get off the color problem.

    I brought my debate to several other forums and was called a phucking Liberal. Apparently the voters are unable to share their ideals for a better America and I realize they simply don’t care enough to discuss anything.

    After the internet being available for nearly 20 years, you would think some serious shit could be discussed.

    I got more interest on another forum when I discussed who will win the Belmont Stakes and is a Triple Crown possible?

  6. DejaVuAllOver

    People need to get over the third-grade GOP philosophy of “all government is bad and all taxes are wrong and it’s all the fault of the liberals” crap. This country has been sold, one inch at a time, by the MBAs, finance “geniuses” and lazy (mostly) white speculators who shipped all our manufacturing and real jobs overseas over the last 50 years, and replaced them with a roulette-wheel economy of betting on the labor of others and speculating on land, oil, food and everything else we humans need to live.

    Good government means educating the stupid, cleaning the oceans, curing the sick, re-planting the forests, mitigating the greedy and 3,452,386 other things that “the market” has not fixed, in spite of Reaganomics and other moronic terms for a greed-based economy. In deference to Ted, who’s post I liked, I won’t use the word stupid. But I think the author of this piece has a couple things to learn about economics and capitalism. Thankfully, Mr. Obama seems a lot more tuned-in.


    While I appreciate that you didn’t like what I said, I completely disagree – this guy is an idiot, as is the other pinheaded wingnut who posts here, Jay Ambrose. The definition of dumb is ‘acting in a stupid manner’ – as Deroy (who must be paid) continues to do. All views are not welcome here – the KKK and the American Nazi party views are not posted here – and the republiNazi party is far worse than them. We’re not here to debate anything – voting in America 2008 is not a case of “I like chocolate, you like vanilla” – it is clearly a case of Good vs. Evil.

    In November, you can vote to make a better America for all Americans – or you vote for four more years.

  8. Flapsaddle

    Murdock’s opinions might well generate heat here for the reason that he is black, homosexual and an ardent conservative with strong libertarian tendencies. Someone with an AB from Georgetown and an MBA from New York University is not dumb by any definition, no matter how much one might detest his politics. Someone who happens to be conservative is not dumb because of his politics any more than one is an idiot because he is left-leaning. Someone who is a fellow at a major think-tank, who is a syndicated writer, and who articulates opinions one does not agree with is not, by default, dumb for no other reason than his opinions displease you.

    His description of the character and attitude of Hillary Clinton is for more studied and reasonable than many of those posted here by professed Democrats who detest the woman. And his characterization of Obama’s success in good part being due to his polish is spot-on.

    No one is required to agree with Murdock, but it is a rather impotent argument to dismiss him as dumb simply because you find his politics distasteful.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle


    Probably the only remark I agree with is that Deroy is not dumb because he is “black, homosexual and an ardent conservative with strong libertarian tendencies” – who cares? Let’s parse Deroy’s remarks:
    “She combines ruthless ambition” – can you name anyone who was successful at a high level who wasn’t?
    “a pathological sense of entitlement” – I thought she ran for the nomination – and lost;
    “the ethical restraint of Richard Nixon’s “White House plumbers” unit” – Hmm, I could’ve sworn Nixon was a republican;
    “Team Clinton’s blaxploitation recalls George Wallace” and “Democrats’ long history of anti-black sentiments” – blaxploitation? I’m dying on this – if you look at the last four elections you will see that Deroy’s fellow blacks voted Democratic over 90% each time – proving that each of those Americans are smarter than Deroy – they know on which side the bread is buttered;
    “missing legal documents, abused FBI personnel files, politically motivated IRS audits, stolen antiques, and the multifarious wrongdoing that defined the Clinton White House. Obama has spared America another four to eight years of official lawlessness.” – again, where were the convictions and jailtime for these frontpage scandals in the rightwing media (Whitewatergate, Filegate, Travelgate, TrooperGate, etc.) – the only thing Deroy left out was that Hillary killed Vince Foster;
    “For this he merits abundant applause, if not the Presidential Medal of Freedom” – you mean like President Chimp gave George Tenet, who was responsible for the two greatest intelligence failings in the history of the Republic (9/11 and ‘its a slam dunk that Iraq has WMD)?

    “he promises widespread tax hikes” and “Obama would let President Bush’s tax cuts lapse” – indeed – on the wealthy elite – what dummy Deroy doesn’t understand is that this is a good thing;

    he (McSame) promises “an escape from the Bush era’s fiscal incontinence” – you mean vote republican to save us from republicans – brilliant;

    “As voters increasingly recognize, putting age before beauty is America’s best hope for change” – last time I looked (yesterday) McShame was falling in the polls while Obama was six points ahead.

    Bush went to Yale and Harvard – are you saying he’s not dumb? He’s the biggest idiot in the history of the Republic – education has nothing to do with it if a fundamental morality was missing.

    Deroy’s a dumbass, Dude – get over it.
    Don’t get lost in details as Deroy would have you do – vote concepts – as I said, you either want four more years or you don’t.