Both Clintons bitter over loss

Failed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and her former President husband are bitter over her loss to Barack Obama and angry at Democratic leaders they feel abandoned her, party sources tell Capitol Hill Blue.

“She’s petulant, defiant and bitter,” says one senior Democratic strategist, who asked not to be identified. “She feels the party owed her the Presidency and turned its back on her when she needed them.”

Clinton’s self-serving speech on Tuesday night where she opted not to concede defeat or endorse presumptive nominee Barack Obama angered Democratic leaders who say they’ve had enough of the Clintons.

Yet Clinton was still pondering whether or not to carry her fight to the floor of the Convention in Denver when House and Senate leaders called her on Wednesday and told her to get out of the race or face removal of any future role in the Democratic Party.

“Up until that point, Clinton still thought she could pull a hat trick and reverse the election results,” the strategist said. “It took Charlie Rangel to tell her it was over.”

Rangel forced Clinton’s hand. Sources say he told the New York Senator to get out of the race by the end of the week or her future with the party was over.

“The Congressman said if the sun rose on Monday morning and she was still in the race she could kiss any future role in Democratic leadership goodbye,” said a source in Rangel’s office.

Bill Clinton, sources say, is furious with the Democratic leadership and calls Rangel and others “traitors” to his wife and him. Clinton has used the same word to describe former members of his administration who endorsed Obama, especially New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

“Bill wanted her to keep fighting and take the battle to Denver,” says one aide close to the Clintons.

Even though Clinton agreed to drop out of the race in a public announcement on Saturday, Rangel and other house members didn’t trust her enough to wait. They switched their endorsements to Obama in a public announcement Thursday.

“The Democratic power structure has lost its fascination with the Clintons,” says one party consultant. “They see the Clintons now as opportunists who care more about themselves than either the party or the country and they’ve had enough.”

Hillary Clinton, however, is still expected to hedge her bets by suspending rather than ending her campaign. She will continue to try and raise money to try and pay off her debts and has said privately that she will not block anyone who wants to place her name in nomination from the floor of the convention, a move that could destroy any facade of party unity.

Party insiders worry that the Clintons have not thrown in the towel.

“The Clintons thrive on revenge,” says a former Clinton aide. “Payback will be a bitch.”


  1. rjf7r

    It was clear from the 2004 convention onward that at least some part of the Democratic Party leadership was grooming Obama for a presidential run. Could the Clintons really have held onto the fantasy since four years ago that all or most of the Democratic leadership favored Hillary’s candidacy?

  2. Southerner

    I think you’re right that the Clintons will come back for another bombing and strafing run at Obama and the Dems who are supporting him. That seems more likely than not, especially given the gargantuan size of their egos and the remarkable endurance of their beliefs that they simply are entitled, either by divine right or fiat of the devil, to return to the White House.

    People who suffer losses like this sometimes begin a period of self-examination and emerge from the process a wiser person. I think Al Gore certainly fits this description.

    Others, however, are consumed by bitterness and lusts for revenge, and they can undergo a truly sinister transformation. Richard Nixon after his losses in 1960 and 1962 (“You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more.”) comes to mind.

    I think there’s little chance that Bill and Hillary have the character, discipline and self-awareness to emerge on the good side of this experience. I think they will try to extract some kind of revenge. The only thing that might contain them is that perhaps party leaders truly have had enough, and if these leaders act together, their collective power might be enough to prevent the Wrath of Bill and Hillary from destroying the Democratic Party. But it certainly could cost the election.

  3. DejaVuAllOver

    I think Hillary may just run as an independent. I’d be willing to wager a beer or two that Hillary’s secret meeting with Obama at Dianne Feinstein’s house went something like this: “…either you offer me the VP slot or I’ll run as an independent, completely fracturing your coalition and probably handing victory to McCain.” Hey, it worked for another egomaniac j^%k by the name of Lieberman…

  4. Sandra Price

    I just got home and turned on the TV and heard that “Hillary has suspended her campaign” My God, does this mean she will not back out and endorse Obama?

    Is she waiting for him to fall on his face either by his own doing or some other force?

    Do we have to live in suspense until his inauguration day?

  5. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    I so far have no reason to vote for Obama, but Mr. Obama, heed
    Mr. Jimmy Carter’s advice and DON’T give into the arrogant proprietarial demand of Pillary to give her the VP slot. Dianne ‘war profiteer’ Feinstein, another Pillary Shill is also echoing Pillary’s proprietarial attitude that Obama attach Pillary to VP -Don’t Do It Obama.

    Obama and Hillary just addressed AIPAC and that doesn’t give me any hope for Obama when he already is blowing kissess to AIPAC, plus Sir Obama of Camelot has voted for every Military expenditure come his way in the Senate.



  6. staunchdem

    Sandra, would you please tell me where else you blog.
    I need some new stimulating conversations.

  7. Flapsaddle

    Finally, some gonads on the part of what passes for the leadership of the so-called “party of the people”! I had fully expected the ball-less wonders of the DNC and the other power brokers to continue wringing their hands and pussy-footing around Their Imperial Majesties right up to August in Denver, where there would be a deal brokered in the old smoke-filled room.

    I wonder what it took to finally get through the overly thick skulls of these Neanderthals that the Clintons were in this solely for the Clintons and that they cared not for party or nation when they felt that they were owed another presidency? When they realized the growing potential for a real disaster if Clinton were not reigned in, that’s probably when they managed to screw up the courage to tell Hillary and Bill to take a powder.

    Trouble is, I do not think the Clintons intend to go quietly into that unkind night of political oblivion. Like Lucifer in Paradise Lost, she would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  8. Sandra Price

    Staunchdem. There are several sites where some good conversations can be found. Two are brand new and we will link them here as we also like the stimulating conversations without the usual old-bromides that aften show up instead of the a discussion of what is needed. (see below).

    One very exciting site will be opening the end of June and it may surprise you who is running it. My own will open after November when we may need to do some work on the House and Senate. There is a revolution starting in America but would no doubt be stuck down here. We will be working on a lot of suggestions for the academics and insurance of people and not an audience for popcorn munchers.

  9. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    We Haven’t heard the last from this Wench, she has something up her sleeve, she doesn’t give a fig about the Democrappers falling on a pike, her Ego is dangerous -it should be caged.

    Matters little to me since I won’t vote for Sir Obama of Camelot either.

  10. NYRob

    The real problem, as noted here and below, is that the Clintons, like the Bushes, have VERY long memories. You can be sure there is an enemies list, and equally sure they will do whatever they can do make sure people pay and pay and pay. I believe they only care for themselves and power, and their perceived place in history. They have no care for the country, for the party, for the real future of this country. And, as to the Bilblical proportions of this epoch: someone, somewhere is already writing the play. Believe me, the Macbeths had nothing on the Clintons.

  11. Carl Nemo

    What people have to realize out of all this is that “shillary” simply does not have “the right stuff” for being a national leader. Just think how she’s been acting in the face of this loss and how she would have conducted herself as our Madame Preznit…?! She shares similar characteristics to G.W. Bush; ie., an evil loser!

    On the campaign trail she was a smiling cat, but once in office, rest assured she would not know us anymore; ie., “We the People”…!

    Although she’s a woman and I’m not a religious man per se, her fall from grace reminds me of the passages from Isaiah 14:12 concerning Lucifer. I think of she as our “Lilith”. : |

    “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to Sheol, to the depths of the Pit. Those who see you will stare at you, and ponder over you: ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms, who made the world like a desert and overthrew its cities, who did not let his prisoners go home?'” …Christian bible

    Indeed, how the mighty have fallen…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. keith

    Carl Nemo said:

    On the campaign trail she was a smiling cat, but once in office, rest assured she would not know us anymore; ie., “We the People”…!

    Actually, Carl…. OFF the campaign trail her demeanor was not what one would want in a President. Numerous reports have it that once she was offstage, the smarmy smile came off and the “tough as nails” demeanor and abusive behavior toward her staff returned.

    What we are now witnessing is a “changing of the guard”, one of those political earthquakes that come along every now and again in our politics. The Clintons have dominated the Democratic Party in the United States for the better part of 20 years now, just like the Bushes have dominated the Republicans.

    But the Bushes, McCains and Clintons (along with their ignorant, often bigoted (spelled: “racist”) followers) are an ever-aging bunch who are also now finding themselves increasingly out of touch with societal reality. They seem quite oblivious to the political earthquake that is now going on all around them.

    In many ways, none of these “crusty curmudgeons” (nor their followers) have a clue as to just how much they’ve been outmaneuvered, outspent and outsmarted in this campaign. But the fact that they will all soon be relegated to the dustbin of political history is what is particularly upsetting to their over-inflated egos.

    The simply don’t realize that their continuing quest to hang onto power at all costs is what is now also proving to be their political Waterloo.

  13. biketime

    Uh, I am one of those “crusty curmudgeons” to whom you refer. I am also an Obama supporter, with all the attendant doubts and reservations that come from being a “crusty curmudgeon”.

    I’ll give Clinton credit for hanging in there (despite Bill’s BS) and, as a result, she does have some clout with those 18 million votes. Her repeated references to health care in her non-concession speech was indeed a signal to O. (I liked her program better, btw)

    It’s time to heal the Party as quickly as we can. I expect Clinton’s older female cohort to support the Party’s nominee just as I would O’s young demographic to support Hillary if the outcome were reversed.

    Bottom line: We all want to wipe the floor with the GOP this fall and it;ll take every Dem we can get to do it. So enough of the backbiting, especially since our guy won. Time to be gracious.

    Oh, and be careful with the “crusty curmudgeons” stuff, my fellow Dem. You gonna be one one of these days and it’ll happen faster than you can imagine.

  14. WWWexler

    Bitter, eh?

    Finally they can REALLY “feel our pain”.

    Things have a way of working out. Tolle says that whatever you’re going through right now is exactly what you need to learn the lesson of life that you need to learn.


    Sigh. Time to shamble back to the tortuous, miserable life of gazillionaire rainmakers. And groom Chelsea.


  15. pollchecker

    “The Democratic power structure has lost its fascination with the Clintons,” says one party consultant. “They see the Clintons now as opportunists who care more about themselves than either the party or the country and they’ve had enough.”

    It’s about time! I guess she listened to the MSM talking heads so much that it went to her head.

    If Hillary wants to be POTUS so bad, maybe she should talk to Senator McCain about being HIS VP nominee!

    But here’s a better suggestion. Let President Obama, nominate both of them to the Supreme court then they can be fighting each other for the rest of their lives. Only seems fitting (heh heh heh).

  16. keith

    Whoa, biketime, I’ll freely admit that, I too, already AM one of those “crusty curmudgeons” to which I refer!

    But, I am absolutely NOT one of your “fellow Dems”! Believe it or not, I used to be a staunch Republican until they went so far to the rabid right that they are now coming around left.

    Today, I call them all “Republicrats” because the two mainstream political parties in our country have now morphed into two factions of the same “country club”.

    These days, my views are more in line with the Libertarians than anyone else.