US shadow prisons hold over 30,000 people

    TBR News June 2nd edition asserts that the US rendition program is alive and well, even though President Bush has claimed to have ended the program back in 2006.

    31,082 is the current total detainees as of May 19, 2008. That is roughly the population of Afghanistan with TB! (LOL thank you Ted!)

    Some 22 Navy ships are said to be holding prisoners in various locations around the world away from prying eyes.

    It comes as no surprise that the Bush Administration is capable of such a thing. The President has proven time and again that he will do whatever it takes, legal or not, moral or not, to do what he thinks is correct, even if it isn’t correct nor acceptable to a majority of Americans, or in direct contradiction with our Constitution.

    But it’s hard to believe that Americans in the land of the free and home of the brave, are so afraid of terrorism that they would condone locking up over 30,000 people in secret and torturing them, sometimes to death.

    What has happened to the once great United States that we would adopt tactics similar to the worst dictators history can provide? Stalin would be proud! Pol Pot is smiling at us!

    The only difference is these rulers did such things to their own citizens. President Bush claims he can do such things to anyone, at any place, at any time he deems it necessary.

    God hasn’t blessed America these last seven years. Only Ole’ Scratch and his minions could be pleased by such indifference and acceptance of torture.

    Where is the outrage? Where is the protest? Where are we headed as a nation if we accept torture and illegal detention along with our apple pie?

    I don’t have the answers. It sickens me to think about it. It shouldn’t be happening, and yet here it is, another Bush legacy to hang around our collective necks.

    We gave no sympathy to Germans that did not speak out or oppose the Nazi’s. Don’t expect any sympathy if the world decides they have had enough of our duplicity and hypocrisy.

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