Senate Report: Bush Used Iraq Intel He Knew Was False

In another blog post, I would call this vindication.

The entire point of become POTUS was to take out Saddam H. It was planned right from the beginning.

Glad to see it is all being documented 5 years after the fact.

Too bad people didn’t listen to us “Liberal Bloggers” 6 years ago when we cried Foul!

That’s because their bosses were telling them to cool it! People forget that they filthy rich own and operate the media these days. These are the same people benefitting from the Bush tax breaks….the ones McCain agrees with Bush about MAKING PERMANENT!

He knew it was false and he went to war anyway at what cost? $4566 PER SECOND!

How many people have died now because our leader deceived the American people as well as the world about reasons for war? Over 4000 died and thousands more permanently maimed and injured

The worst part is that if we RE-ELECT the FAILED policies of Bush/McCain….BUSH and Co. WILL GET AWAY WITH IT!

Now there is no guarantee that they won’t anyways however I would like to point out that a Democratic POTUS and a Democratic controlled Congress might be amicable to seeing them prosecuted for WAR CRIMES if there is sufficient evidence. That may be THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY to EVER get Justice for their deeds.

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