by Maggie Van Ostrand

Following up on a disturbing rumor, I asked the Obama people if the Senator would be asked to pay Hillary’s campaign debt and here’s their response:

Hillary’s Debt Will NOT Be Paid By Obama for America.

It is not legal to do so.

I secured this information personally from campaign HQ in a phone conversation with the Finance Chairman In Chicago at 2:40 P.M. EDT today Thursday, May 8th. I was asked to relay this information onto the blog by the Finance Chairman.

DONATE to Obama with Absolute Confidence.

There is no need to worry that your donations to Obama for America will go anywhere else.

None of the money you donate to Obama will be diverted to payoff Hillary Clinton’s debt.

Kill Any Rumor To The Contrary … and pass this along, please.

A rumor started about this based on some loose comments by Tim Russert.

–Just another reason to go MSM Free for Obama

Many here became worried and said they would stop donating if it was the case that HRC’s debt would be paid for by us. It Is Not The Case and it will not happen.

Why did I call HQ about this? I called because many bloggers had/have posted that they will not donate to the Obama campaign if Hillary’s debt is paid for by us / Obama for America.

Posted by: James/Obmacrat

If you still have doubt, please call HQ.


What a relief!!!