NUMBER TWO PRIORITY: Armed Services Restoration

We must return to the promise of the G.I. Bill and bring it up to date to protect every member of the Armed Forces including the health problems brought on by any injuries incurred, physical or mental. .

For every war, our government should explain to all Americans why war can must protect our homeland security. We have a good Administration for us to look at and realize their manipulations should never be repeated. We were hoodwinked for the protection of Oil and Israel. We have watched Israel’s back since 1948 and it is time we watch our own back and release Israel to its own forces. They are very qualified to act on their own behalf. We, on the other hand, are not.

To concentrate on American security it should be discussed that we bring home our soldiers from all other nations and treat them like the heroes they are.

As I wrote in 1998, that our government has become corrupt, was an understatement. Americans are resilient and with a new trusting government that governs by the Constitution we could regain our trust in the congress and even the White House. Here are the list that must be made in 2008.

1. Every promise made during the recruitment to be kept by the powers in Washington D.C.
2. A decent pay scale and benefit package guaranteed (See Senator Webb’s bill)
3. All injured service personnel to receive free medical care within 20 miles of their home or base.
4. No American service man or woman will ever see action under any flag but Old Glory.

Give us safe borders, build our defenses back and give American Armed Forces the ability to wear an American uniform with pride.

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