Three speeches: The winner is happily serious while McCain grins nastily and Hillary smiles sneakily.

I watched all three historic speeches. McCain, stumbling over teleprompter Obama attack lines, made Bush look lovable with one nasty spontaneous smile after another. With no class, Hillary Clinton smiled like a someone possessed by the Devil as she acted as if she had The Dark’s One’s guarantee she’d be president in 2009. Obama, began with a loving fist to fist thumbs up (called a “dap”) with Michelle and gave a rousing but smile-free serious speech mostly free of calculated applause lines.

I think dismissing John McCain’s nasty streak as a trivial personality quirk is like suggesting the black cat with the white stripe down its back is safe to stand behind when it lifts it tail at you. McCain is looking forward with glee to putting the stink on Obama.

I think McCain enjoys sticking it to people he is competing with. He’s like the kid on the field taunting the batter with "swing, swing, swing" and who laughs with satisfaction that the distraction worked when he strikes out.

Last night I kept anticipating that Hillary’s eyes would turn into those gleaming red devil eyes you see depicted on television shows and movies about demonic possession.

Demonic possession?

Someone who sold their soul to the Prince of Darkness for the presidency? I know this isn’t original (see The Swift Report: The Devil’s Endorsement from back in 2005) but I can’t control my imagination.

Now Hillary has driven me mad.

But do you want what some readers will say is proof of real madness?

If polling shows that no other ticket besides Obama and Clinton, even Obama and Richardson, would assure a Democratic victory, I would choke back the bile rising in my gut and support this decidely odd couple.


  1. fritzer

    If polling shows that no other ticket besides Obama and Clinton, even Obama and Richardson, would assure a Democratic victory, I would choke back the bile rising in my gut and support this decidely odd couple.

    I previously thought that this is what I would do. I have since decided against this.

    My reasons are that she is a liar. For instance, her claim to being under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia has NO credibility. First of all, one does not forget having been shot at – ask any Vietnam veteran. Second, the plane would not have landed with the First Lady aboard had there been any danger involved.

    Additionally, Hillary did not think it was possible to leave Iraq before 2012. Presumably that would be just in time for her re-election campaign. This was, of course, before Obama said he would begin removing troops immediately and her position did not hold water with the voters.

    This woman would do ANYTHING to ensure her election.

    In case anyone thinks that I am anti-women, I would like to point out that I DID vote for a woman. It was for Jane Byrne when she ran for Mayor of Chicago. Once elected, she no longer had need of labor’s support. Guess what? She was not re-elected. I will not make that mistake again, and that includes if Hillary is the VP choice.




  2. bryan mcclellan

    Dear Obama; do what your gut tells you not what the polls are ragging on endlessly about.

    Spew the fetid idea of a clinton VP now, and set these pundit asses straight.

    We who are not quite sold on your candidacy have got to know now what is in your mind and are looking dead at you for action instead of rhetoric.

    Got it?


  3. buckethead

    I love being out here high up in Colorado and being able to read all the postings before I get around to making one. Clinton did talk only about herself and McCain looked like a deer in the headlights and Obama clearly won the contest. She may well have some Rovian tactics left but I don’t think her 17 1/2 million will be able to help McCain enough. Forget about her!


  4. tropicaltaco

    I feel very sure that Obama is far too intelligent to even consider Clinton for VP. If it does happen then we’ll all know the extent that this election is still being manipulated. Considering the assassinations of the past 40 years, I fear for Obama’s safety and more so if Clinton becomes his running mate since we all know by now that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants…
    On another note, I thought I heard somewhere here that Richardson was a member of the Carlyle Group or some such nasty organization, can anyone refresh my memory ?

  5. Hal Brown

    McCain and Clinton both have bent and distorted the truth and outright lied during the course of the campaign.

    They seem to get mildly criticized when they do this, in part because Obama won’t stoop to their level.

    I don’t know of any lie or distortion coming from Obama and the only talking point of his I object to is the hundred year McCain quote. True, McCain said that, but I am am tired of it and I think there are more accurate ways to describe McCain’s Iraq position.

    Obama is blasted because of the bitter comment, Rev. Wright and Pastor Phlegler, an association with some 1970’s radicals and a less than politically astute purchase of land to increase the size of his yard. But where has he distorted the truth or lied?


  6. DejaVuAllOver

    Letting Clinton into the Obama White House makes the old analogy about the fox and the henhouse seem quaint. I doubt that even the Secret Service could protect Obama from Satan herself if she resided in the office down the hall. Fortunately, November is a long way off in terms of Joe or Josephine American’s political memory. Hillary will be forgotten, soon enough. Unless, of course, she chooses the the Jack Rubinstein or Sirhan Sirhan style of infamy, which I’m not ruling out……

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  7. drcat

    It seems to me Senator Obama is very smart and very strong. He will not be cowed by anyone. He will, like Lincoln, try to get the strongest people in his cabinet. The VP, I am confident, will be selected for his or her capability and compatibility with the President. A strong military man like Wes Clark, who also has great diplomatic skills, or Jim Webb who also has a fine military record and is a great campaigner, might be a good complement to Obama.

  8. ridingchick

    How about Obama/Nunn or Obama/Webb or Obama/Sebelius, Bill Richardson, Secretary of State and Colon Powell, Secretary of Defense.

    What do you think of these choices?

  9. Hal Brown

    Nunn was mentioned by Jimmy Carter. Sibelius should have a place in the administration but choosing her over Clinton as VP might be perceived as a slap in the face to Hillary’s ardent supporters.

    Webb has become well known and is an interesting and viable choice for many reasons because he could bring in independents and some Republicans. He’s a former Republican and a veteran whose aid was arrested for carrying Webb’s pistol into the U.S. Capitol (see link)


  10. Hal Brown

    Speaking of John McCains smile –

    here’s what New York Times columnist Gail Collins has to say today:

    “I have a few years on my opponent, so I am surprised that a young man has bought into so many failed ideas,” McCain said. Pause. Smile. McCain has only a couple of versions of smile. And for speeches, he tends to employ a kind of scary, humorless teeth-baring.

    Read "A Town Hall Summer"

    I would add a comment on the quote from McCain above. Many are commenting that McCain’s speech was delivered horribly but on paper reads much better. However, that sentence makes no sense, at least not to me. The main point doesn’t relate his being older because it suggests that his age is what is causing him to be surprised, the key word being "so".

  11. Sandra Price

    Direct Democracy. America is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. This is clearly laid out in our founder’s laws who did not want mass power in America but the power of Representation of citizens who understood the Constitution’s power of liberty.

    When you hand the power to dumbed-down citizens you come up with either a Socialist form of government or a Theocracy. Both search for a government of power over each and every one of us.

    Read Orwell and Rand.

  12. old_curmudgeon

    Colin Powell skewered his reputation and credibility on his own petard in service to Bush. He is roadkill. Deservedly, so mote it be.

  13. pollchecker

    I think Collin Powell would prefer you didn’t spell his name colon (like the intestine)(har,har grin)….although it might be applicable in some cases.

  14. pollchecker

    Webb campaigned too hard in 2006 to win the Senate seat. He is very important to the GI legislation before Congress and has 6 more years. I doubt he would be the best choice as he has less experience than Obama.

    Wesley Clark has Military experience but outside that really brings nothing to the table. Sam Nunn — more Congress — not a good thing.

    Do you realize that we have not had 2 Senators running against each other for a VERY LONG TIME! The way the public currently feels about Congress and the importance of holding onto EVERY LAST SEAT in both houses are extremely important factors.

    There is not other person being considered who brings AS MUCH to the table as Bill Richardson. Since in overall votes he was 4th it would not be a total afront to Hillary or Edwards to select him stricly on his Iraq policy as he was the most outspoken candidate against it. This is important as the GOP is going to attempt to make a strong case for staying.

    So, No congressional seats lost, Hispanic votes secured. And they really need those hispanic votes to win. Hispanics are outvoted by Caucasians 5 to 1 on a regular basis all across the US. If Richardson can narrow that gap to 5 to 2 or better, he will be bringing in so many new voters that any lost to racism or Hillaryism won’t matter.

    The BIGGEST undervoters and those CRUCIAL to winning this election are bringing out and increasing the votes from the YOUTHS, HISPANICS and AFRICAN AMERICANS.

    An Obama/Richardson ’08 pair, surely would be the DREAM TEAM the Dems have been looking for.

  15. Hal Brown

    I have nothing against the Richardson choice unless something comes up to rule him out. But Webb does bring much to the ticket as well:

    A 1968 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Webb served as a Marine Corps infantry officer until 1972, and is a highly decorated Vietnam War combat veteran. During his four years with the Reagan administration, Webb served as the first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, then as Secretary of the Navy. (Wikipedia)

  16. ekaton

    If Obama was assassinated, the response in the black communities would make Watts look like a tea party.

    — Kent Shaw

  17. pollchecker

    Great point, Hal! But, I just don’t think that he brings AS MUCH to the ticket as Richardson.

    When you add on his importance in the Senate in the future 6 years, I just don’t see it happening. That was a very hard fought and expensive Senate seat to give it up when there are other possibly better alternatives.

    I understand Webb’s popularity though. But I don’t think he would bring AS MANY new voters to the table or change other voters minds as well as possibly Richardson can and surely will.

    I tell you if I was a betting person, all my money would be on Richardson.

  18. pollchecker

    I understand and read that. Thanks for posting the link so others can.

    I know they will go through the motions of making it at least appear to be looking at every and all candidates…..THEY HAVE TO!

    There are lots of good people but I’ve still heard no one that brings MORE to the table than Richardson AND that is not in Congress.

    People forget how important and expensive that Senate seat is.

  19. Hal Brown

    Some interesting feedback on this column all having to do with my reference to the fist to fist gesture between Michelle and Barak. The New Republic blog The Plank mocked me (HERE) for not knowing this was called a "dap" (well known in professional sports these days apparently).

    I admit what no politician could own up to: I don’t follow professional sports even when our hometown Boston teams win.

    A Slate blog just put a link on among other web columns which mentioned the gesture.
    Now that I know it is called a dap I added it to the column.

    Saturday: This column reference to the fist bump or dap has also been mentioned on Fox News HERE.

    Also THE HILL’s "Briefing Room (HERE).


  20. Hal Brown

    Two female commentators were talking about it on MSNBC today and they didn’t know it was call a dap either.

  21. Sandra Price

    Poor Hal! It will be okay. Sit down, breathe deeply and you will return to normal after a good sleep.

    You must stay with us and get us all through the next coming months where the GOP just might explode and we can finally see the inner demons that control their minds.

    McCain has a lot of vindictiveness for the way he was treated in 2000 and in holding this back we may see a personality problem with his attacks on Obama. He is like a cat who after coming out of a terrible fight, will attack even his loving owner.

    Hillary isn’t worth losing your mind. We need it here…….

  22. pollchecker

    The three speeches was a perfect illustration of why Senator Obama will be our next POTUS!

    Our country wants a change from vindictiveness and narcisism. The people want a leader who at least pretends its about the people and not themselves.

    John McCain’s speech was a great beginning as it clearly showed why this man should not be allowed to gain countrol of our country’s govt under any circumstance.

    Do you think he is trying to copy Dick’s snear in an attempt to be more presidential? He’s already done a good bubba imitation of GW in his ignorance of International matters. And he’s suppose to be the best commander in chief? I don’t think so. All we need is another megalomaniac like GW with access to nuclear weapons and a grudge against those in the middle East.

    Hillary’s speech showed why she lost. Although she attempted to cast the end as about the people, it was obviously all about her and not about other people.

    The Main Stream Media cited Clinton Fatigue as a factor as if they didn’t play a part in that. The MSM talking heads had proclaimed her Madame President long, long time ago.

    Well, it shows why no one should ever proceeds based on assumptions and certianly someone who wants to be POTUS should know this.

    Senator Obama’s speech — frankly I didn’t see it. But I read the text and as usual it was eloquent and to the point. It reminds me of speeches of past presidents like John F Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt.

    Whether Senator Obama can be the POTUS this country really needs is easily debated. However there are givens…..what this country DOES NOT need is another 4 more years of continuation of Bush/McCAin policies in the WH. It certainly couldn’t hurt to have a REAL eloquent, intelligent leader for a change with a postive vision for the future. Let us focus on that for awhile.

    Obama/Richardson ’08

  23. JerZGirl

    I didn’t see or hear McCain’s speech, but I heard both Clinton’s and Obama’s and his was by far the more gracious and generous of the two. She politely acknowledged Obama as her opponent and declared him a friend, but the focus of her speech was almost entirely on Hillary. Obama leveled such praise on Hillary that if that was all I’d heard, I might have thought SHE’D reached the goal, not him. Not one word of it sounded as though it were spoken through clenched teeth, not one ounce of insincerity did I detect. Yet, because she didn’t once admit defeat, and because one of New Jersey’s super delegates last night announced he will continue to support Hillary until SHE says it’s over, I can’t help but think she has tricks up her sleeve. The woman is an “all or nothing” kind of person. She is a sore loser, a poor sport, and not one to take losing gracefully. I fully believe the “ugly” is yet to come.

    I keep imagining George W. and Hillary being separated at birth – they seem so much alike in personality. Neither takes no for an answer, both enjoy being the center of attention, both of them have a penchant for lying to benefit themselves, etc. We really don’t need another four years of that.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  24. pollchecker

    I keep imagining George W. and Hillary being separated at birth – they seem so much alike in personality.

    A narcisist by any other name is still a narcissist!

  25. Hal Brown

    I like the title of Dana Milbank’s Washington Post column this morning:

    In Defeat, Clinton Graciously Pretends to Win

    He concludes with:

    Only obliquely did Clinton refer to the fact that she had, in fact, lost the nomination. "The question is: Where do we go from here?" she said. She would figure that out "in the coming days," she said, but "I will be making no decisions tonight." The crowd in the Bearcat Den erupted in a sustained cheer. She referred her supporters to her Web site, as she had after many a primary night victory.

    For a candidate who had just lost the nomination, she seemed very much in charge.

    That must be what Hillary wants.




  26. old_curmudgeon

    McCain in New Orleans — <1000 attending
    Clinton in New York -- <500 attending
    Obama in St. Paul -- >19000 +/- attending

    Kinda says it all.

  27. Hal Brown

    Added after thinking more about the prospect of a McCain presidency:

    Now Hillary has driven me mad.

    But do you want what some readers will say is proof of real madness?

    If polling shows that no other ticket besides Obama and Clinton, even
    Obama and Richardson, would assure a Democratic victory, I think I would choke back the bile rising in my gut and support this decidedly odd couple.



  28. pollchecker

    Hal — I will not vote for Obama/Clinton. And if Obama is dumb enough to succumb to the OLD Political Clinton Machine and ask her to be VP, then he doesn’t deserve to win!

    I will vote for Nader and let the dice fall where they may.

    Perhaps the fall of the USA would be a good thing. The demise of the United States of the Soviet Union (USSR) didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing.

    Perhaps we would be better off like Europe where each state is its own country but we share common resources. Isn’t that closer to the original vision for our country?

  29. ekaton

    Obama/Clinton? No, thank you. Billary would do everything possible to subvert an Obama presidency. He’d have to watch his back, both figuratively and literally at all times.

    Don’t count out Hillary Clinton yet. She’s been the darling of the Bilderbergers for years and fully expects to achieve that which she has been promised, the presidency of the U.S.

    Obama has the nomination “locked up” assuming none of the “pledged” superdelegates switch positions, assuming no backroom double dealing. How many SuperD’s might have a skeleton or two making them possibly susceptible to blackmail? Are the Clintons averse to using blackmail?

    And, a McCain/Clinton ticket would not surprise me in the least. Either would be acceptable to “the owners” as president. McCain, too, would have to watch his back at every turn.

    Pardon my cynicism.

    More war. More wasted lives. More wasted dollars. More poverty. More hate. More fear. More fascism. Vote McCain/Clinton.

    And, Hal, you think YOU have been driven over the edge …

    — Kent Shaw

  30. Sandra Price

    I am being castigated for my support of Obama. I receive email after email telling me the Democrats are haters of America. I can only come back with the statements I have made since 1992 when the GOP began their push for the One World Order control of the friggin planet they lost me! When I read this platform I sobbed like a baby. How dare these horrible people change the whole pattern of individual values and use us to push into another world war?

    I had to admit that the opposition in the GOP have a candidate and the rest of us do not. It is my greatest hope that we soon will but until we do, I will support a Democrat in November. I met with the LP yesterday and they have no winning platform and probably will not vote at all in November.

    I feel that America needs to remove the horrors of this neo-republican corruption from our system even if we have to use a blood transfusion to rid us of this cancer.

    Out! Out! brief candle and remove McCain from our sight!

  31. pollchecker

    Thank you Sandra for another Example of how Today’s Republican (Disinformation) Party works.

    If they can’t discredit your argument, they resort to name calling.

    The attack dogs will go AFTER ANYONE WHO DARES to step up and tell the TRUTH thereby daring to challenge their disinformation.

  32. JerZGirl

    I forgot about this. My favorite part of Barack Obama’s speech was that he dedicated his presumed nomination to his grandmother who was unable to attend, but still living in Hawaii.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  33. ekaton

    JerZGirl, I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time now that I love your “tag line” — “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

    MT spoke truth. I was given the opportunity to travel worldwide as part of my job. I have been to the Middle East. Please allow a brief anecdote.

    I think that most Americans by now are thinking that Islam is some big evil monolithic fundamentalist religious terrorist organization. But I can tell you that this is not so, based on behaviors I observed in Bahrain. I saw many Arab men AND women drinking and smoking. I saw them drinking coffee at McDonalds. I saw them dancing to popular music at nightclubs. Yes, nightclubs.

    Muslims are called to prayer five times a day with prayer times announced over PA systems. As we returned to our hotel one evening after work, and as the prayer tower across the street was announcing evening prayers, several Arab cabbies stood about the hotel parking lot smoking and joking and totally ignoring the call to prayer. Another time I had taken a walk about town and gotten hopelessly lost. I hailed a cab and was picked up by an absolutely hilarious Arab dude speaking broken English at me non-stop. He was an amazing character. By the time the cab ride ended he had declared our undying friendship. He insisted the ride was free. I practically had to fight him to get him to let me pay. He acted insulted that I should in any way pay for the ride after he had declared it free of charge. Not much of a terrorist.

    I’ve been to England, Spain, Italy, Greece and Japan. If more people had those kinds of opportunities, the world would definitely be a kinder gentler place. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. People love to laugh, love to play, love to love, love to meet other people from other cultures, and love to get along. Governments, usually wholly owned subsidiaries of rich, twisted, sociopathic elites, do not. Governments promote warfare for profit.

    I apologize for going so far off topic.

    — Kent Shaw

  34. Sandra Price

    Jezgirl. As a grandmother I literally cried when he said those words. I have pride in my grandson but hope he makes it to San Francisco on a fund-raising bike ride.

    We grandparents take what we can get!!!

  35. JerZGirl

    My oldest grand is 8, the youngest 4, and I haven’t seen them in 3 years. But, they sure like to chat on the phone!! I understand what you mean!

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  36. Hal Brown

    I think Obama can win convincingly without those Hillary supporters who are now threatening to vote for McCain with a good VP choice like Richardson or some of the opthers who have been mentioned.

    I don’t think he needs Hillary to win.

    I don’t think he will succumb to extortion.

    If Hillary doesn’t endorse him within a day or two and enthusiastically campaign for him she will doom her future in the Democratic Party.

    Unless she is clinically delusional she knows she attempting a politically suicidal bluff now if she tries to use extortion to get the VP slot.

    If Clinton was a mensch she would suggest two or three VP choices and ask, not demand, that Obama consider them seriously.


  37. pollchecker

    I still think that since Senator McCain speaks so admirably about Senator Clinton, that perhaps he should offer her the GOP VP nomination.

    Of course it’s not going to happen, but what a show that would be if he did (VERY BIG GRIN!).

    “Obama/Richardson ’08 — The Winning Team for our Future!”

  38. JerZGirl

    I would love to see that combination myself, but I have a strong fear that the bigotry that is barely concealed in this country wouldn’t be able to handle a two-minority ticket.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  39. Ladywolf55

    Pollchecker, I agree that the fall of the USA at this point might not be such a bad thing. And if anyone is stupid enough to vote for an Obama/Clinton ticket, they deserve just what they got when they voted for Bush/Cheney.

    This is just SAD, SAD, SAD.

  40. pollchecker

    And, Hal, you think YOU have been driven over the edge …

    Thanks for the smile Kent! I went over the edge 4 years ago when they re-elected the slime the first time! Perhaps it is where I get such notions as McCain/Clinton ticket.

    It has taken me 4 years to recover. I vow to do everything I can to ensure we don’t re-elect the 3rd term of Bush/McCain in 2008!

  41. pollchecker


    It’s true! When we stop looking at the world from a narcissistic point of view, we find that we all have certain things in common like the need for clean air and water, the desire to be safe, etc.

    I think these are called inalienable rights? But since the Bushies took over everything, who knows (wink)?

  42. JerZGirl

    Kent – I’m so glad I came back in to see what new had been said. Thank you so much for the compliment and the anecdote. I’ve found much the same on my few travels. We’ve eaten at Persian restaurants in the UK and Germany and found nothing but hospitality. We have our own bad seed here in the US. They can be anywhere and everywhere.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  43. pollchecker

    I understand your logic but so far conventional logic doesn’t seem to apply.

    a)Sen Obama (as you probably know) is half caucausian and half African American. He is a Christian with a name that sounds Muslum.
    b)Gov Richardson is an Hispanic that is often mistaken for a Caucasian with a WASP sounding last name.

    In my personal opinion, if race is a determining factor in voting for a candidate, I do not believe that it will matter if it is one minority or two minorities. In that case, you most likely won’t get the vote.

    I have yet to find anyone with serious problems with

    Obama/Richardson ’08.

    Those who disagree have yet to present a serious argument against it other than race. I’d love to hear some better suggestions with substantive ideas behind them.

    Perhaps with the looming immigration issues we face before us, it is time to have this discussion about race. We are living in the 21st century but acting like it’s the early 1900’s in some cases.

    My vote is for:

    Obama/Richardson ’08 — The WINNING TEAM for our Future!.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it?