Cheney Knocks McCain’s Gas Tax Holiday

GW may be seen with McCain but obviously Cheney has no use for him.

The Bush/McCain stuff is all a RUSE!

Bush and his cronies personally cannot stand McCain. They would have preferred ANYONE over McCain.

But since he is the nominee, well, let’s just say that GW is a lot more concerned about McCain’s continuation of GW’s personal vendetta in Iraq than Cheney is. He’s moving to Dubai to escape prosecution and make a heck of a lot of MORE money.

McCain needs the Bushie vote if he has any chance of winning. It’s just a temporary political match….until it’s over.

Now if only the Dems can pull off the same ruse! After watching the Clintons run their campaign, I’m NOT holding my breath!

BTW, I find it interesting that no one EVER COMMENTS about how much MORE MONEY Dick makes than George. Of course, Dick didn’t inherit his dough either.

Postnote: Dick thinks John McCain doesn’t know Jack about the energy business. As a result, McCain’s policies will enable the oil companies and support cos. like Halliburton, etc to continue make a S***load of money while we pay $7-8 a gallon of gas.

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