Harold Oldroyd, (b. 1914 d. 1978 Eng.) was famous for his expertise on flies, especially the Ethiopian Horse-fly. He authored the Fly Bible, an awesome collection of the world’s flying critters, researching their breeding, eating, and travel habits.

I suspect he missed a couple high flying pests, notably Harold Ickes and Lanny Davis.

Harold Ickes received his charm and warmth from his father, Sec. of Interior Harold Ickes ( for FDR). Senator Styles Bridges called his father “a common scold puffed up by high office.” Congresscritter Clare Boothe Luce followed up by suggesting that Ickes had “the mind of a commissar and the soul of a meat-axe.”

The current Harold proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree. His letter after the rules meeting really puts it all into perspective. Credentials Committee Appeal? They haven’ even met once. How can he reserve something that won’t be due for weeks?

Let’s compare and contrast Hill’s approach with the other democratic candidate. Please indulge me while we choose one of those safe discussion topics, issues that are both polite and permissible to discuss with strangers, like weather and, er, weather.


Here is a list of what Team Hillary has managed to do to Barack for the past 5 months:

Barack’s a secret muslim
barack attended a secret, violent madrasas in the Pacific
They sent operatives to stalk the Trinity Church, getting all materials possible for the sole purpose of attacking Barack. With that data, they had staffers search each and every sermon, every CD, every DVD, until they found a nibble. They compressed 26 yrs of sermons into a 30 second sound bite. they turned Reverend Wright into a picture of Obama, for the first time in my political memory.

Let’s not forget this gem from 6 months ago, December 2007:

A third volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign was aware of a propaganda e-mail alleging that Barack Obama is a Muslim who plans on “destroying the U.S. from the inside out.”


Here is what Team Obama did to attack Hillary on the issue of her faith (Even though she belongs to a secretive, dominionist, vile, christian cult populated by neocons and end of earthers:


See any difference?

Even when the ammo was there, and frankly, I cannot imagine IGNORING her religious cult’s reach, power, and corrosive impact on US government and policy, the difference is truly startling. The more you learn about that cult, the scarier they sound. If you paint someone by the company you keep (say, like a reverend wright), to paraphrase Rickie, She’s got a lotta splainin to do.

When you consider other topics, his alleged drug dealing, his kindergarden paper, his being labeled elite (he put himself through college and lawschool on grants and loans, and HE IS THE ELITE ONE?) and most recently, Father Pfilger, it bears repeating that one of the two democratic candidates is truly a class act. His announcement this morning can be summed up like this:

I cannot allow people in the church, the shut ins, the sick, the poor, nor the pastors, become targets of the media or investigations. They do not deserve it, the church does not deserve it. I therefore am leaving the church.

Has anyone bother to ask Hillary about her cult?

This brings me to the original title of this diary. What, you might think, do myopic Ethiopian horse flies have to do with the nomination process? More than you might suspect. You see, on one hand you have a class act, on the other, well, you have:

Harold Ickes
Terry McAuliff
Howard Wolfson
Bill Clinton
Lanny Davis

and we would be remiss if we ignored the man who billed her another 2.7 million after being “demoted” or “fired”, or “let go” or something.
Mark “Pigg” Penn

You see, the reason that Professor Oldroyd named this particular species of flying pest the “horse fly” was because he was simply too british and therefore, too polite to name them after their major food source – horseshit. Which brings to mind just the kind of campaign run by Hill and her team.

Now that Hillary has told her workers to turn in all expense receipts (assuming she will actually honor them), and now that she has gathered all her top donors, supporters and plans a big oratory splash tomorrow, I suspect that she will thank people, thank her wonderful team, thank her majority voters, more than any other candidate in the history of America, thank her bank managers, thank her hubby, thank her daughter, then stick a final knife in the back of Barack. Gracious? thy name is not Hillary.

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