I had planned to do this when I was writing for the home page but am glad I can do it here in a blog.

We are facing an important election in November. I would like to start a priority of issues to be debated here on an old list I came up with in 1998. My priorities may not be yours but should be discussed nonetheless.

NUMBER ONE: Defense and Security

Do we allow continuing production of nuclear ballistic weapons in other nations? If we do then should we not earmark funds for the defense missiles in the United States? Do we dare ask any candidate to answer this?

My second question to any candidate(s) should be: What is more important: Trade Agreements or National Security?

We do not need a “feel good” type of leadership but hard core decisions made under the U.S. Constitution.


  1. Me too Bryan. I spend a lot of time on the Science Channel and often wish I could leave this troubled earth and find total peace. I hope and believe you are right about our being able to pull out of the tailspin.

    What worries me is the change in my attitudes. I have a poster who continues to follow me like a hungry puppy but she is not sweet and cute but filled with anger when I show up on several forums. We also have a very mysterious man who never gives much of his point of view but has caught my attention and apparently hers. I laid out a scenario about how handsome and sexy this man was and we haven’t seen much of her as she is checking every search site on the internet. I have no idea what he looks like and am having a selfish chuckle over this deed.

    Obama was just declared officially the Presumptive Democratic candidate and my Republican pals are shrugging it off as a fluke. I think he would make a grand President but I do not trust the GOP or Clinton to let it happen. It may be the first honest and decent thing we have seen in America since 2000 or before.

    Contact Richard Branson of Virgin Space and if you have some money he might just take you along on his space ship. I’m too old but I am not too old to dream. I have my books of Carl Sagan and the Science Channel which is going Green I think tomorrow. Wonderous things for me to learn.

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