Now that Clinton won Puerto Rico the general feeling that Hispanics don’t like McCain has increased. LA Times writer Louise Roug and others suggest that Hispanics tip the balance in choosing the next President. The math tends to be a little strange because 40% of Hispanics going for Bush was considered an amazing success because Republicans aren’t supposed to get any Hispanic votes.

It’s claimed that Fundamentalist Christians are responsible for the Bush dynasty and thus the more unpopular Bush gets the angrier many get toward very religious people, especially if they show off their religion.

I think something is going on that people are missing. Many religious people voted against Bush. But they claim to have voted for other reasons than their religion. The Hispanics who voted for Bush made a point to let everyone know that they spoke Spanish and supported Bush. While those who voted against him claimed the reason for their vote was for other reasons. Hispanics never say I am Hispanic that is why I support Obama.

Hispanics who support Obama tend to claim that the reason is the war in Iraq like most English oriented Obama supporters do. While probably a minority, in absolute terms of right wing Cuban emigrants operating out of Miami loudly cheer McCain’s pledge to bring “democracy” to Cuba despite Raul Castro’s reforms.

I suspect that those angry with McCain, rather than just Iraq worry about McCain’s statements, and threats toward foreign governments. His claims out of the clear blue that Cubans were torturing him in Vietnam, his intense hostility toward Chavez, and the only Native American in office in Bolivia etc., but don’t want to hassle with a right wing Cuban relative or neighbor. Some Obama supporters are actually worried war with Iran, or bin Laden managing to get the entire Muslim world to unite against the US with McCain’s inadvertent help. Others are worried about a depression, or McCain claiming he will kick Russia out of the G8, or that depression plus McCain’s belligerency and temper might spell nuclear war, since Russia still has nukes. Some readers will say stop your giving out too much bad news. But I claim hiding from bad news actually causes it.

Again, I claim hiding from bad news actually causes it.

So besides storing up a lot of water, instant oatmeal and sprouts, I am going to state a lot of possible bad news that hiding from will lead to a McCain Presidency.

The world is on a world wide race to the bottom,

There is a world wide race to the bottom that is cut-throat. Scandinavia and German are cutting back on their social programs because they can’t complete. Germany allowing skilled immigrants, like top computer experts, into their country, because not doing so was hurting their completion edge. Even Thailand is cutting their limited worker’s rights to complete with China. Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, and Roosevelt resisted the race for the bottom.

Under Clinton union organizing ceased so the temporary economic spurt was caused by seeking a lower notch in the race to the bottom as it was under Reagan. We somehow don’t notice it, but Cuba and Venezuela with some success are fighting the race to the bottom not that unlike Johnson and Roosevelt did. Coming to the defense of Cuba and Venezuela, can prevent our world from falling apart, as well create a way for anti-McCain Hispanics to show off their ethnicity, and avoid the fallout if Americans end up tending to blame recent immigrants for McCain.

McCain is on a lot of Hispanic boards of directors, and the Cuban-Americans he plans to use against Raul and Chavez want more of their friends allowed in this country in exchange for help. The easiest way for an immigrant to because legal is to join the military. If McCain has new wars, without a draft, he may actually pay for those who want to join the services to come to this country, in a crunch even allow relatives to come to America if one member of the family joins up.

Anger at McCain, plus a depression caused by a currency collapse, and blaming immigrants could lead a mass attacks against immigrants like in South Africa. Of course if Hillary were President and we got in a new Middle East war along with a depression, there would be blaming the Jews and kicking both Jews and Muslims out of the country to fight their wars in their part of the world not ours.

Most of us are far away from our food supply. In Europe a lot of people quietly starved after World War II and even in the US depression, but it’s a different American, with ordinary Americans heading after Hurricane Katrina, to the flooded out supermarkets. If robber’s, even armed robbers, grabbed tomato plants out of window gardens how will urban America grow any food. In Ancient Rome the population of Europe declined 90% as hoodlums set up road blocks to tax commerce every step of the way to market. Could it get so bad that only cannibals can survive, and if depression leads to nuclear war, the new dark ages will have to deal with massive birth defects.

The good news everyone has missed is that Cuba and Venezuela is fighting the race to the bottom with even more success than Johnson and Roosevelt had. If only we could convince ourselves to stare bad news in the face it won’t have to happen.

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