Bush’s bullying, erratic behavior, spurs more GOP defections

As Republicans continue to distance themselves from the political suicide of George W. Bush’s policies and his failed war in Iraq, some are also privately expressing doubts about his mental stability, saying the President’s erratic actions show a man increasingly out of control.

091506bush.jpgEven Bush’s former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, tells confidants he feels the President has "buckled under the pressure" of the administration’s increasingly unpopular and often contradictory actions.

That concern prompted Powell this week to publicly oppose Bush’s proposed plan to ignore the guidelines of the Geneva Convention and give the military and Central Intelligence Agency the right to torture suspects in the so-called "war on terror."

"The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism," Powell said in a letter to Sen. John McCain, one of the Republican Senators opposing Bush’s push for the right to torture. "To redefine Common Article 3 would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk."

Powell, a career military soldier and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, knows a hell of a lot more about war than George W. Bush, who evaded service in Vietnam by using his then-Congressman father’s connections to land a safe spot in the Texas Air Guard only to fail to even complete that nominal service.

So does McCain, a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict. McCain is another Republican who tells aides that he is "increasingly disturbed" by the President’s actions.

McCain, Congressional sources say, was upset to learn the Bush White House pressured military lawyers who testified against the bill to sign a new letter expressing support.  Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who joined McCain in opposing the President’s plan, confirmed the military lawyers were forced to sign the letter.

Graham is also a former military lawyer and a colonel in the Air Force Reserve.

"It’s a bridge too far, and it’s not necessary," Graham says of Bush’s proposals. "It will result in putting us in legal jeopardy and erode our standing in the world community."

Other Republicans object to Bush’s strong push to pass his plan quickly with little time for consideration or debate. It reminds them of the headlong rush to pass the USA Patriot Act, a bill that stripped away most of the protections of the Constitution and was rushed into a law by a post-9/11 shell-shocked Congress. Many who voted for the bill admitted later they hadn’t even read the legislation.

Graham did take time to read the bill.

"I fell over when I read it," he said.

A growing number of Republicans admit shock at the President’s actions.

"The White House has lost its way on a number of important issues," says Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. Bush’s Iraq war, Hagel adds, "is a replay of Vietnam."

Republican Tom Kean Jr., running for Senate in New Jersey, says Bush has been dishonest with the American people about the war in Iraq.

"There have been horrendous mistakes made in the war in Iraq," Kean told the Newark Star-Ledger. "The president should acknowledge that. He needs to level with the American people."

Asked if such a step might bring down the wrath of the President, Kean shrugged his shoulders and added:

"If it means that I’m angering the White House, so be it."


  1. liz

    Bush has allowed a replay of TUSKEGEE in healthcare. Borrelia , a spirochete, is now ” not covered or treated ” by BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD who also happen to be the policy setters in the US government. Each of the members of government has failed me and human beings like me, Americans citizens TOO, and it is creating a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS. Will Bush use his dictator powers to lock up American citizens being denied care under his bully rule creating now not only a replay of Vietnam but also Tuskegee> Will other Americans let this government run amuck lock me and other sick people refused care up? There is an entity in America persecuting the doctors that treat Borrelia. Do some gooling and you can find this info easily. DO NOT LET BUSH DO TUSKEGEE PART TWO ….. please.

  2. Sandy Price

    50 years of my believing that the Republicans were the good guys has been deleted from my mind. I cannot believe that a group of politicians as large as the GOP could be so consistently corrupt. Did I just not notice before or has the GOP shown their true colors under the Bush Administration?

    I think the GOP has used up every chance to show their integrity and they have failed. If there is any ethics and morals to be found in the Democratic Party they had better prove it before the elections. Rove intends to pull out all stops in his destruction of the Democrats between now and November.

    How will the neocons approach 2008 to keep the Empire going? I know that many Republican Senators want to be President but how can any American even consider voting for them?

    Will the voters once again be told that America must be a theocracy to be saved?

    Do we have to keep comparing one candidate to another to locate the less evil one?

    Doug is right; Bush is erratic and not rational and when I woke up this morning to learn that there is world summit meeting in Cuba to take on the faults of America under Bush, it is time for change.

    This morning it was reported that the Pope has made some bad comments about Islam and it will come back against all the Catholics and Christians. Between the Bush Administration and the Vatican, it is almost as if they are asking for the final destruction of our civilization.

    Is there no way we can keep religion out of this mess?

  3. Neon

    To little to late Colin.
    Powell showed us his true stripes when he made his WMD presentation before the U.N.
    Now he is trying to regain some respectability back. Could we ever trust him again?

  4. keith

    On second thought, I have to ask why are Bush and his cabal even interested in changing the international rules regarding “trying” prisoners of war. Shouldn’t the enemy’s alleged “combatants” simply be held out of combat and then released and returned to their homelands once the “war” is over?

    Could this be yet more proof that Bush’s so-called “war on terror” isn’t really a “war” at all under the provisions of the international law of armed conflict? Could this be yet more proof that he and his cabal have absolutely NO intention of EVER ending this “war” anytime soon, but is, rather, simply more evidence of their plan for a grand “total war” for control of the entire planet by initiating endless, so-called “preemptive” wars against other sovereign nations now on their “hit list”?

    On the other hand, Bush’s attempts to parse the true meaning of the provisions of the Geneva Convention might simply be an ever-more-desperate attempt protect his (and his cabal’s) rearward facing anatomies from war crimes charges once he and his willing co-conspirators in the US Congress are (finally!) removed from office…either by impeachment or the will of the electorate.

    Right now, I’m betting on “all of the above”. Increasingly, it is becoming ever more clear to the world that our “Emperor” has no “clothes”.

  5. Mary Le Roy

    while you are refusing to give Colin Powell any credit for speaking out, even at this late date, against Bush–don’t forget John McCain has only thought on his mind–to get the Republican nomination in 2008. In the past his has been the voice calling for his party to rally around Bush in the past when some have spoken out. He’s courting the religous right–saying sure I’d come and talk to you. Chris Matthews stated just last week that he is the presses darling. Beware or you’ll be drawn in yet again.

  6. Judy Bodnar

    How can one man cause the loss of democracy in the USA? He can’t..it takes the support of others to enable that loss. We will see now, perhaps even more clearly than ever before, how a president who has been able to the run this nation with no checks and balances got us to the brink of where we are today. Its not too late for all those who have thus far enabled Bush in disabling our nation,to now rise against him and not allow his latest attempt to legalize torture & ignore the Geneva Convention agreement. It cannot happen without their help. Bush has already managed to dangerously damage our national reputation. I can only hope that it’s not to late to amend this abhorant situation. Bush must be stopped, we cannot afford what he has already done, let alone what he has planned.. in his messed up mind

  7. V

    Mentally disturbed…crazy…right.
    Sorry, Dubya. The insanity defense won’t work, especially when we nail you for both fabricating reasons for the Iraq war AND fabricating the story of 911.

  8. Lou Raskin

    This news is another segment of the daily emotional ups and downs with the Bush Administration. Being an election season, its very difficult to predict how far a dislike for Bush will carry into a local Congressional race. Are these Congressional committee members acting on election day politics, ambitions or love of country? We want to belive its love of country, however, in this time of self interests, we do not really know. Once again the American people are left to trust the “greater good” is being served.

    Even if the the bill coming out of committee and later conference is drafted for high purpose, Bush gets to use the now-discredited low purpose signing statment method to disregard the intent of the Congressional action.

    We have a long way to go to get out of the deep do-do Bush and crowd have dropped along the path for the past 5+ years.

    Everyone wanting a change in the next Congressional term needs to be working for an election with vote count integrity.

  9. Doug,
    Remember, all it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. This is what we have seen for the last 6 years. And Rove, who is the Rasputin of our times, will stop at nothing, repeat nothing to win.
    And we all know that it is the sheeple who will either turn out in large numbers and vote, or sit this one out. If Rove is allowed to poison the air waves and get the sheeple’s attention, he wins. If, by some very small chance, the dems can get control of the dialog-they win. the outcome is in doubt, one reason is the the inside the beltway dem consultants-Shrum and Co., take their advice, follow their plan and lose. After all their record is 0-8. The dems are all set to get Shrumed once again-and Dean will keep his eyes closed as the dems turn into a fringe party, like the Greens

  10. no name

    I am going to reserve my comments, being a natural skeptic.

    Let us wait and see. It looks like to me more of the Rove playbook. Wowee–Republicans are against Bush!!!

    Let’s see what the final result will be. They are desperate at this point, knowing full well if Demcrats take at least the house, there will be num,erous indictments and complaints against the crimes of George the little boy Bush.

    McCain and the rest of them involved in this “revolt” may be trying real hard to absolve their leader and get the election to go their way.

  11. Mark

    Despite Bush sinking in the
    political quicksand, the Democrats will foul up their
    chance to regain seats in both
    houses. Even when Democrats have plenty of political ammunition,they muck things up. I am a Democrat and ashamed of it. I would like to re-name the Democratic party to
    Spineless-Cratic Party

  12. rbank

    October surprise. The republicans will start impeachment hearing. KIng george has totally lost it and is not coming out in public and admitting his crimes.

  13. Barbara

    Nixon was never, ever, a “nice guy.” He was brilliant & conniving & indeed “a crook.”

    The person who pretends he was elected our president was never, ever a nice guy. And “brilliant” is not a word that immediately jumps to mind when considering this guy. That he is a dupe doesn’t let him off the hook; he has to have known (even as dim as he is) that the policies he was embracing were causing great pain & hardship & mutilation and indeed death to many many many. And I do not buy for a second that he is motivated by his “Christianity.” He is motivated by the fact that he likes to think of himself as “THE DECIDER.” He has always been The Decider & he has always messed up & Babs & Pops always stepped in to save the day. The Decider never had to be responsible for his decisions. Maybe this will be a first!

  14. John

    I must agree with all that Mr. Thompson has said and nearly all of the comments made here. Such comments are commendable but do they help the cause of cleaning up our government and returning this country to something that even resembles what it once was?

    I’m sure Mr. Thompsons comments will make it but how many of these comments will be read by someone who can help make a difference? What is needed is for The Whitehouse, Senate and House to be flooded with letters, E-mail and photos of demonstrations objecting to current policy. My full name, address and phone number is well known to all three as I constantly fill them in on how I feel. Also so as to not waste our tax money I end my letters with a request that if they are not willing to truthfully answer my questions that they not answer my mail as I object to a secretary being paid to send me a page of lies. Not surprisingly I receive very few letters in response.

  15. Tom Campbell

    No arguments here on the main issue, but I thought the correction of a minor factual error was in order.

    Tip O’Neill did not become Speaker of the House until January, 1977. The speaker at the time of Watergate was Carl Albert.

    I don’t specifically recall Albert sequestering himself under guard during the Saturday Night Massacre (as I worked at a newspaper at the time, I had the fascination of seeing the AP wires keep spewing on the *latest* firing that night) but it may well have happened. I do know that the Pentagon was instructed (probably illegally by Al Haig) to ignore orders from Nixon unless they were cleared by others.

  16. jim p

    A correction: the Patriot Act was not passed by a “post-9/11 shell-shocked Congress.”

    It was passed by a freshly post-9/18 anthraxed Congress. Curious how we’ve all forgotten the ten weeks of all-biochem-weapons-that’ll-kill-you-in-your-home-all-the-time news that followed the 9/11 attacks and that introduced an element of first-hand fear in practically everyone as they went to get their mail. Everyone–media, left, right, center–keeps acting like this never happened, this didn’t operate in tandem with the 9/11 attacks, and this never played the huge role it did in making a compliant press, Congress, and public.

  17. Verne

    Being still a registered republican I will not vote any republican into office.

    The conservative party has been turned into a jewish lobby organisation. What do I have to with it?

    MaCain, Powell and how they are all called didn’t do anything to stop this process. Now they can say whatever they want, if you have been a lier in the past most likely you will be one in the future. Who wants a lier in office?

    certainly not me.



  18. Chuck

    Powell knows about war? He knows how to cover his a** pretty well, as evidenced by his actions regarding My Lai. Ask Lt. Calley his opinion of Major Powell. Making Powell out as some moral beacon is laughable in the extreme.

  19. Dave Iles

    This is more of the false left-right paradigm spin and control grid. Good cop – bad cop, good repub – bad repub.Oh, please God, let there be a democrat out there with a spine to save the day! Give me a break! I don’t trust any of these globalist lying whores. Where were these left-right mute actors when, the rest of us knew that GW was nothing but inbred demented blue blood filth years ago?
    There’s only one thing more mind-controlled than the far left sheeple and that’s the far right sheeple. They are both so ignorant that, they don’t know that they are both controlled by the same hidden power.
    We’ll never know, who is who in the zoo until we as a nation realize that it’s not about left or right but, right or wrong.
    The elite will always maintain control if we continue to fall for their “staged” made for TV political melodramas. We need to hang them all! The leaders of the right and left. Remember, if we don’t…we will end-up with a North American Union and a destroyed nation! They are both the enemy.
    If some of you find this heresy…Rupert Murdock is very quietly helping Hillary run for office in 2008. You know, the fascist nazi that brings you the Fox TV network!
    I don’t know about any of you but, I personally am so fed-up with seeing our nation being ruined by these political criminals!

  20. Ed

    Ever consider that this may be a Republican strategy to keep their seats by appering to break ranks with a President who is alienating the moderate faction of the party. Just two months ago Tom Kean Jr was marching along in lock step with Bush.

  21. this may upset some conservatives who read this – however – George W. Bush is starting to make Richard M. Nixon look like a nice, stable guy.
    Even towards the end – when it was obvious that the weight of Watergate was bringing Nixon down he appeared to be more stable and rational than GW does.
    It’s time for a new President – I don’t give a damm if his term isn’t over – he and Cheney should step aside – let Condi run the country for a couple years –
    We’ve got lunatics enough in this nation of ours – it’s obvious we don’t need one as leader …


  22. Brother Tim

    Do you mean Condi ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Rice, or Condi ‘Who’d of thunk it’ Rice? Madame Secretary Supertanker is, at worst, as big a liar as the rest of them, or, at worst, flat-out incompetant. Either way, she needs to be strung up with the rest of them.

  23. keith

    It would appear that the grand neocon strategy that Bush and his cabal are following in trying to corner the Democrats on the national security issue in the run up to the fall elections is unraveling. They simply weren’t supposed to get this much opposition from members of their own party.

    Maybe that’s because, unlike “King George” who sat out the Vietnam war on his ass in his safe (not to mention obsolete) Air Guard fighter plane in the good old US of A, people like General (then Captain) Colin Powell actually watched their buddies be captured, tortured and die over there. Senator McCain is, himself, a POW from that war and has two badly broken arms from being brutally tortured by the North Vietnamese. To this day he still cannot lift his arms above his chest. BOTH of these gentlemen well understand the need to keep the provisions of the Geneva Conventions and the international law of armed conflict unequivocally intact so as to help prevent our own combatants in future wars from being brutally tortured by others.

    The provisions of the Geneva Convention have served the world well through several wars. They aren’t “broken” nor do they need further parsing so that Bush and his cabal (who know little or nothing of what war is REALLY like) can now legitimize their continued torture of “detainees” (prisoners!) from their own, illegal, trumped-up “war on terror”.

  24. Janet Underhill

    These actions are not about even a deformed view of national security. They are about CYA. The Bush administration is seeking to protect itself from prosecution AFTER they all leave the White House.

  25. GlennK

    I’m sure many Nazis had doubts about Hitler’s actions an policies but they did nothing and none of Bu$h’s fellow party members are going to do anything either. They’re all scared to death of this man and his gang and for good reason.

  26. MIke Harding

    Like Steve, I too have been thinking of Nixon and Watergate. While the two men would appear to be similar with respect to the issue being discussed, they are very different in substance. Nixon was a brilliant politician who was consumed by power and cynicism. Bush, on the other hand, is a failed businessman and ill-equipped President who genuinely believes in the Righteousness of what he and his minions are doing. They are zealots, and as such, are orders of magnatude more dangerous than Nixon ever was.

  27. anthny

    I have a problem with Bush and his regime, they have a tendency to win elections and I know I’m off subject. It don’t matter what Georgie does or say’s the Con’s of Neo will keep him in office and next in line are Jeb, and Marvin. So when the Empire of the United States of North America opens the doors to Mexico and Canada and the great highway that runs through our country.The Nixons and Geneva Convention and the assassinations of the 60’s and 70’s will be forgotton and this country will become a police state. We will have no time for things like the Geneva Convention and War in Iraq and Iran…it’s about power not politic’s and the people will have lost the power of the Constitution..

  28. Ivon

    Next in line to the presidency after the vice is the speaker of the house. That’s why Tip O’Niel locked himself in his office and surrounded it with Capitol Hill police during the Saturday night massacre when Nixon had the last man standing in the Department of Justice, Robert Bork, fire the Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox.

  29. Phil

    What? Colin Powell actually thinks the US had some kind of moral basis in this war in the first place? He must be having Kool-aid flashbacks too.

    It’s really simple. Just bring every top figure in the administration into court and subject them to every technique they want the CIA to use. Then ask them what they consider torture.

  30. Here Here. They all need to be strung up in trees. The only reason now, that many are turning on Bush, is that they dont want to go down with him. As the ‘sleeping giant’ wakes up more fully every day, this is there fear, they are all pathectic. And yes, need to BE HUNG FROM A TREE for HIGH TREASON. That is what you do to leaders who attack this country from within, or at least the founding fathers felt this way. They intentionaly eroded the constitution, so that the Bilderberg group can do as they want with this Earth, that is HIGH TREASON. There is going to be a hanging!!!



  32. orange

    Powell has popped up to promote a phoney reworking of the definition of CID, so that it relies on the constitution, rather than the stronger language in international treaties.

    How does this work?

    When the U.S. ratified the United Nations Conventions Against Torture, they added “reservations”.

    This moved CID into U.S. constitutional law and judicial precedent. In other words, this will define CID in terms of constitutional standards.

    The most important such standard for purposes of interrogation is that of the Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process of law.

    Justice Clarence Thomas concluded, “A use of force that causes only insignificant harm to a prisoner may be immoral, it may be tortuous, it may be criminal, and it may be remediable under other provisions of the Federal Constitution, but it is not ‘cruel and unusual punishment.'”

    No constitutional protection. Get it?

    They get the right to torture at will (calling torture CID). They want to at least keep the status quo, represented here by their long time flak, Colin Powell and the “moderates” McCain and Graham.

    How do you like the dog and pony show?

  33. Rabbit

    I agree that Bush makes Nixon look better abd better as each week passes.

    Incredibly he has evn made Saddam Hussein look better to the Iraqis, and lots of others are starting to wonder if there isn’t something in that too.

    Unfortunately there are no other choices being offerred which are any better except superficially. I’m glad I’m not an American, from here it looks like you are screwed.


    Why don’t you lot wake up when bush and his lunatic’s are pushed aside, because they won’t jump believe me, all you will be left with is a bunch of new puppet’s with string’s to the New World Order. Just get up from your computer screen’s walk up to a closed door and give your head’s a bloody good bang.What we are seeing is the captain’s men jumping a sinking ship.

  35. Could it be a Farce

    Seems a little odd to me that right here close to the elections that some of the GOPers are turning against Bush. This may be a Rove plan with nothing more to do then to try an make the GOP appear to actually have some balls and morality. I trust none of them. After 24 years as a Republican, I am now disgraced.

  36. nobody

    People must realize that the neocons are the military industrial complex that former president Eisenhower warned the American people for. Every time a bomb is thrown these people get paid good money. Check their trail of whom they worked for and in what companies they own shares. When you see that you immediately understand why Iraq happened.

    I am against capital punishment, but to honest, last few years I begin to doubt. I think I would throw a party when I hear the news that the cons are on their plain towards The Hague to be tried (and hanged). But I have the same feelings towards the puppy dogs of the cons, the well paid Muslim fundies.

  37. Richard

    with all the horrors perpetrated by the bush crime syndicate, from TRILLIONS missing from Penatgon coffers, (conveniently announced by Rumskill on the Fri before 9/11) perpetrating and covering up 9/11, to Iraq, to the looting of our economy, the Plame affair, depleted uranium, illegal spying and on and on…I guess he would be getting a little jittery…

  38. Albert

    George Bush would have us believe that his secret prisons and other secret torture facilities are meant to protect America from attack, they are not, they are meant to protect the Bush Crime Family from being exposed. George Bush’s father ,in order to force the Soviets out of Afghanistan, created and funded the Mujahadine fighters and appointed his CIA asset Osama bin Laden to be their leader. The name given to this CIA black-operation was “al Qaeda” . Shortly after the Soviets were driven out of Afghanistan their empire crumbled and the Bush Crime Family needed an excuse to go into Afghanistan and pick up where the Soviets left off, that is build their own Central Asian oil pipline. This is when the Bush Crime Family, also know as the NeoCons, came up with the Project for a New American Century (P.N.A.C.),which calls for the NeoCons to use American military force ,in preemptive wars ,to take over and control the Middle Eastern oil supplies in order to dominate the rest of the World. But the Bush Crime Family ( the NeoCons) knew that the American people would never go along with their preemptive wars in the Middle East unless their minds had been properly “Transformed”. The NeoCons named the event that they thought was necessary to bring Americans around to their way of thinking a ” New Pearl Harbor”. The Bush Crime Family needed and wanted a massive attack on the American homeland, that would put Americans into the “proper” state of mind.They wanted Americans to be shocked, scared and willing to be told who to hate and kill and then be looking for a leader, George Bush to save them. The NeoCons without the attacks on 9-11 would never have been able to get their criminal war for profit operation known as the P.N.A.C. under way.The NeoCons were desperate to start the P.N.A.C and approached Bill Clinton with their plan . Clinton threw them out of the White House and told them they were crazy. The NeoCons vowed to get back into power and started to smear Clinton to pave the way for a NeoCon takeover in the 2000 election. In 2001 when The Bush Crime Family managaed to gain control of the White House the NeoCons were back in business and it was time for the “New Pearl Harbor” event. Osama bin Laden, as he had been instructed to do by the Bush Crime Famliy, was busy drumming up anti- American hatred and fundamentalist religious fervor amongst his followers so that they would be in the “proper” state of mind to be the 9-11 suicide pilots.The NeoCons with bin Laden’s help pulled off 9-11 ,Bush got his Oil Wars also known as the “War on Terror” and “Operation al Qaeda” was no longer needed. The al Qaeda underlings who were manipulated by Osama bin Laden thought and still do think that they are in a Holy War, but some of al Qaeda’s leadership knows that they were working for George Bush all along. But before these people can be disposed of, George Bush needs to know who knows what about al Qaeda’s black CIA operations. This is why these “high value targets” have been held in secret prisons in solitary confinement,have been tortured for any information that might lead back to Bush and will be tried in secret on secret “evidence” and imprisoned for the rest lives or killed ,but certainly never to be heard from again.George Bush and the NeoCons want to shut down “Operation al Qaeda” but the tricky part in shutting it down is in keeping everything secret, so the prisoners can’t expose the NeoCon’s complicity in the attacks on 9-11 while at the same time George Bush has to avoid being charged with war crimes for the prisoners treatment. All of this is too much for George Bush and with the upcoming elections he is starting to panic.If the Democrats regain power George Bush will completly meltdown. Can’t wait!

  39. Mark McGrew

    Now now, griping and complaining doesn’t help anyone. We must all remain calm and steady while we give our un-dying loyalty to the President. He is a good honest stand up guy.
    He brought this country together under difficult times. Never forget his words of wisdom: “Ask not, what your country can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your country.”
    Hold on………..got a message here……what?? Really?? You’re kidding. Oh. OK.
    My apologies folks. I have alhsheimers. I thought this was 1964. Never mind. Carry on Lads.

  40. Void

    This is terribly frightening. I don’t live in America but I have family dotted all over your beautiful country and I’m concerned for their freedom. Bush can not continue his tirade any longer the rest of the world is just as concerned. Please, Please Americans do something before it’s too late!! There are those who just want to live with their values traditions and religions peacefully as they have don for hundreds of years. Why try and change their way of thinking it’s not wrong it’s just different to the Bush family. He is becoming hated the world over and does not seem to see reason. You as a Nation can stop this and put the rightful, respectful and honourable people in charge.Americans arn’t bad people but their leadership is Terrifyingly Scary. Unbalanced individuals can not and must not lead look at Hitler.

  41. Linda

    Yes. I would like to apologize to the rest of the world, but there hasn’t been much we’ve been able to do.

    Frankly, no one will ever convince me that the last two elections haven’t been stolen and that our Main Stream Media is now just like Pravda.

    I’m worried because, now that they know how to work those Diebold machines, they will do the same thing in November and the November in 2008. Why should they stop? It works so well.

    We have a government run by Captain Queeg, with Darth Vader as his VP. Maybe the rest of the world could help US!

  42. Blake

    I guess the Republicans have finaly realized George W. Bush is going off the rails on a crazy train and taking them and their party off a cliff. Unfortunately, all of us who are passengers in this almost six year misadventure now are down to our last chance to make a difference. If we keep the Republicans as the majority party in both the house and the senate after the November elections, we are in essence saying, “go on, do what you’ve been doing”. Then we will really be united, as we go all off the cliff.

  43. Danny

    Geneva Convention? Oh please.. Do you think that the islamofacist are concerned at all with the Geneva Convention? They have no flag or country. They are a bunch of cut throat killers that deserve absolutely no mercy because they themselves show no mercy. We are in a war and we must be ruthless. Let us not forget that we had to learn how to fight the Japanese because they fought as animals and killed as animals. Unless we are willing to do the same then we might as well learn arabic and how to pray to allah because we have lost! If it were possible to ask General Patton I wonder what he would say. And America’s moral high ground? I am laughing my a** off. We no longer have any morals.

  44. Texan

    If anything is erratic about this administration, it is how they are turning a blind eye to all the illegal aliens coming into this country. 11 American citizens are killed each day by Illegal Aliens. This is more in 1 year that Osama masterminded with the 9-11 event. When do we go to war with Mexico?? We have an anchor baby Attorney General, who buy the way is married to the richest woman in Mexico who went after “Dog the Bounty Hunter” in Hawaii. I say most governement elected officials whether Democrat or Republican are corrupt. We need a new form of government. Say one of the people, by the people and for the people. Oh I forgot..This is what we were suppose to have until Big Dollars took it over.

  45. George

    Danny is a perfect example of a guy who’s mind has been transformed by the neocons. He is so gripped by fear that he can no longer distinguish fact from neocon fiction. And he is afraid to even try. Unless people like Danny come to realize that we are being played by both sides, who are actually only one side working together for a common goal ,we will lose. Yes, of course there are terrorist in the world and yes some of them want to kill Americans but this idea that we are at war with “Islamo Fascist” who will take over America and force us to be Muslims is ubsurd.If people like Danny would do the reasearch they would find out that all of the major terrorist groups who are operating on a worldwide basis today are funded and supported by America and America friendly client states and that includes al Qaeda.In early 2002 after Osama bin Laden had finished his assignment in Afghanistan George Bush flew him and his top al Qaeda aids along with thousands of Taliban to an area in Pakistan were they remain to this day.Shortly after the flights George Bush said that he” didn’t think about Osama much anymore and that he really wasn’t that concerned about him”. The guy that George Bush claims to have killed three thousand Americans and the guy he used to start the unending “War on Terrorism”,then six months later George Bush doesn’t care about him anymore? Danny what do you think is wrong with this picture?A few months ago George Bush dismantled the only US intelligence operation charged with looking for bin Laden and just last week George Bush put the capper on this farce when Pakistan’s leader with the full knowledge and approval of George Bush gave Osama bin Laden and his followers and the Taliban safe haven in their own piece of Pakistan. Danny you are right about one thing ,this country’s leadership doesn’t have any morals and that is a very bad thing, but the thing that is worse then that is that you have let them take away your morals too.If we don’t have people in this country of good conscience and high moral value ,who belive in what America is supposed to stand for, how will we take our country back from the neocons? If the neocon death cult is able to win the minds of enough Americans, like they won yours Danny, all is lost.

  46. ebbtide

    Nothing that has happened surprises me. It was clear in 1999/2000 that Bush was not competent.

    The ONLY thing that is of note is HOW DISORGANIZED the Dems have been these past 6 years. As BAD as Bush II has been, it is quite remarkable that the Dems have not been able to rise to the challenge and replace Bush (in 2004). Can we ‘blame’ anyone but Clinton and ourselves? I think not.

    Can one imagine any other era where a slug, like DeLay, would be allowed to stick his tongue out at the country with such abandon? Folks, this is a man who has no doubt of the ‘rightness’ of his politics.

    Of course, the Bush II era will go on and on and on with the, now packed, Supreme Court, fucking things up for the forseable future.

    Sorry, Americans are stupid.

  47. LesserFool

    Call me a cynic, but I’m having a difficult time believing that so many Republicans just happened to develop a conscience and a backbone around the time of a critical election. This seems to me to be a classic case of good-cop-bad-cop.

    Don’t get me wrong. I welcome any slap-down of an out-of-control Bush. But, I don’t appreciate why GOP candidates may be doing it. Pissing on someone else to prop yourself up is cheap and dishonest.

    The time to have a backbone and show leadership is when it counts -when there are no apparent “adda-boys” to be had for your votes and actions. Alas, the Congress has very few leaders; just a bunch of cheap whores with their wet fingers in the air.

  48. Danny

    I agree with what you say George….somewhat. I know we live in a country where our leaders play good cop, bad cop. But I also know I saw Palestinians jumping with joy when the buildings in New York were destroyed on 911.. In fact most of the Muslim world cheered…Am I not correct on this??

    And wasn’t it Madelene Albright who gave the go ahead to bomb Yugoslavia?? Why did we bomb an established country? My point..Both sides are screwed up. It will be absolutely impossible to take our country back from either party..Why? because they do not have the good will for the American people in their plan and they continue to vote for their pocket. It is how much can we make selling our ports to a foreign country.. Let’s build a big damn highway from Mexico to Canada to screw the ports in Los Angelos and New York.

    Let’s not bomb the 100 Taliban that our predator saw in a graveyard. Better to let them escape so they can kill our children, and yes they are our children, in Afghanistan.

    I have morals and that is the problem. I know what is right and I know what is wrong and I refuse to live in a gray area. I am for America and Americans first! Everything else is secondary. Let us worry about our house here, then maybe once we get our house in order, I will then worry about yours.

    And as I said.. McCain is so worried that we follow Geneva Conventions in regard to terroist who fly no flag or wear no uniform. My question to McCain is; “What did the Geneva convention do for you while you were forced to eat Sh*t out of a bowl while being a prisoner in North Vietnam??

  49. Rat

    I’m not American and I don’t pretend to completely understand your political system, but I,m confused about your upcoming November elections.

    Am I right in thinking that, given the current state of affairs in the US, should there be another significant terrorist attack the probability is that a National Emergency would be declared, martial law implemented and all elections suspended?

    Bearing in mind the events of 9/11, this option must surely be on the table?

    Jackboots anyone?

  50. NG

    The historians still trying
    to understang how
    mad dog (Hitler)
    came to power.
    They better look at what is
    happening now, the history
    repeats itself.

  51. Red

    I see where there is a “Christian” camp for kids in North Dakota where they are teaching them to become martyrs…brain washed to die for their religion. In the camp there is a cardboard effigy of Bush who is worshipped as if he were Christ. I think it should become evident to these folks soon that Bush is in fact the Anti-Christ. He is no mere jackbooted fascist.

  52. George

    Danny,You said that you are “for America and Americans first”. But what does that mean? If we behave as bad as the worst regimes in the world who are we really? About the rest of your reply ,most of it is factually wrong. The cheering Palestinian footage that was shown on TV was from months earlier and had nothing to do with their reaction to 9-11.Do the reasearch. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there were lots of Muslims who were happy to see us get attacked , but almost all Muslim countries supported us after 9-11, that is until it was clear that Bush was using 9-11 for his own purposes. Madelene Albright was the Secretary of State and had no power to give the “go ahead” to bomb Yugoslavia or anywhere else. While I didn’t agree with our bombing of Yugoslavia ,the idea was to end a genocidal war that was already happening. The war was stopped and Milosevic is standing trial for war crimes.And Don’t believe anything John McCain says, he is a phoney.He claims in public to be against torture while he is working behind the scenes with George Bush to retro-actively legalize it. Why is he doing this? McCain knows that George Bush is guilty of war crimes and if George Bush falls the Republicans also fall and so do McCain’s politcal aspirations to be president.But back to the question of torure,people who torture other human beings are mentaly ill and anyone who supports torturers are also suffering from mental illness. Danny you may think that you know right from wrong,but you have been traumatized by 9-11 and you aren’t able to think things through anymore.Becuase of this when it comes to your morals about torture you chose out of fear and you chose wrong. It’s not your fault, millions of Americans have been traumatized by 9-11,it is exactly the result the neocons hope for when they pulled off 9-11. Read the Project for a New American Century . It was written by the people who are running the Bush administration today.Go to Raytal.com and see for yourself.