Ex-press aide writes Bush misled U.S. on Iraq

McClellan says in new book that White House used propaganda to sell war

I love it when the truth comes out! Every time I think I’m about to give up on the truth, it pulls through and wins in the end.

Oh the stories that could be told and perhaps now will that someone in a prominent Bushie position with a bit of credibility has the balls to step up and tell the truth!

I never liked Scott McClellan because I always thought he was a terrible Bushie mouthpiece. It was like he just wasn’t good at the double speak they do.

I will go buy his book, just so I can have a good laugh next time I fly on a plane. After the gestapo like useless security tactics at the airport, I need a drink and a good laugh to recover.

PS — BTW, has Congress bothered to subpeona McClelland on anything outside the Valerie Plame deal? I bet he has a bunch things he could shed some new light on.

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