Assassination comment turns Obama – Clinton dream ticket into a nightmare

If anyone ever had hope that an Obama-Clinton dream team would be a ticket to ride to easily victory in November, the glaring proof that she’s imagined Obama dying of an assassin’s bullet should wake us from that dream turned mightmare forthwith. Without a Sirhan Sirhan wannabe making her the nominee, you can’t have a vice president having an unconscious fantasy about a clone of Lee Harvey Oswald making her president.

Some of the mainstream media reporters are calling Hillary’s damage control statement an apology, but thank goodness for the Internet and cable news where sensible people are saying that if anything her so-called apology was so insincere it was almost worse than her original remark.

Obama, showing true class, isn’t voicing public outrage, but I can’t imagine him ever considering her as a running mate after this.

Michelle, who risks losing not only a president but a husband, might remind him how Hillary is likely to convince a few unhinged sharp-shooting white Appalachian males to vote Democratic.

The Secret Service has a difficult enough job as it is without investigating more psychotics who think they’d be doing Hillary a huge favor if they personally made her president.

I was going to write this column about how John McCain’s inner meanness and a certain tendency to have loose lips was starting to show with his recent statements about Obama never being in the military, his bringing up Reverend Wright again, and his delight in mocking of Obama’s youth.

But this makes McCain look merely like an eccentric sharp-tongued elderly uncle.

I and others have called the heart of Hillary cold and calculating, but how is that consistent with these remarks being accidental?

Before someone comments that I am suggesting Hillary wants to become president so badly that she’s consciously wishing for Obama’s death, I want to be clear that I am writing as a psychotherapist who believes in the unconscious. I believe that some references and slips of the tongue are representative of unconscious wishes too unaccepatble to reach one’s conscious awareness.

I don’t condemn Hillary for having this unconscious fantasy. She’s human. You may have the unconscious wish that your beloved wealthy aunt dies and leaves you a fortune but that doesn’t mean you want it to happen.

I do condemn her for her lack of self-awareness, insight, empathy, and genuine remorse, in her so-called apology:

“I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire
nation, and particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way
offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever.”

She regrets IF her reference was in any way offensive? Also, let’s not forget that she made the same reference in a Time Magazine interview published on March 6th. (Here)

This, in my book, is not a sincere apology for suggesting that one reason for staying in the race is that her opponent might be assassinated.

Afterthought: She also never mentioned Barack Obama, focusing her non-apology on the Kennedy family. Yet what she was talking about was the possible assassination of Barack Obama. The comment wasn’t really about Robert Kennedy. It was about Obama! Why no apology to him and his wife and especially to his children who are old enough to ask:

"Daddy, is it true Senator Clinton is still running against you because she thinks you might get killed?"


  1. Ted Remington

    So she said the same thing, almost exactly word for word back in March and none of the pundits kicked her in the butt for it then. Now that she’s apparently dead in the water people want to beat her dead horse.

    God knows I am no fan of Hillary Clinton but if you look at what she is saying it’s simply that there’s nothing magical about the month of June in the quadrennial cycle we all put ourselves through.

    Where were you back on March 7?

    This is hypocrisy IMHO.

    And this bit about the insincere apology is at best weak.

    What would you rather have heard her say? If you think her apology was so weak as to castigate her unmercifully you must have some idea for an apology which isn’t weak.

    This reminds me of the castigation of the Klebold and Harris families after Columbine. All of these critics were complaining that they weren’t sincere enough in their apologies. What did they want? Perhaps having all four parents commit ritual seppuku on the front steps of Columbine High School?


  2. Hal Brown

    As to why nobody picked up on her comment in Time, first I don’t think you expect me personally to read everything that is written about politics. Others should have picked this up, but I primarily fault TIME managing editor Rick Stengel who interviewed her for not asking her follow-up questions such as:

    "Have you thought about the possibility that Senator Obama might be assassinated and that this is part of your rationale for continuing in the race?"

    As to what kind of sincere apology I’d personally expect, it would have to be one that was totally honest. Since I don’t know what is in Senator Clinton’s mind I can only speculate that it might include an admission that like most people she’s had thoughts go through her mind that Obama could be assassinated. She could say that she spent eight years trying to put it out her her mind that this could happen to her husband when he was president.

    She could say that when one in is public life such horrible thoughts always lurk in the recesses of their mind.

    She could say that she’s well aware of the racial hatred that still exists in this country and that one would have to be in deep denial not to believe that their are bigots out there that would risk giving up their own life to stop a black person from becoming presdient.

    She could say that while it is true she is tired and worn out from all the campaigning, as someone who has been through the rigors of several campaigns of her own and her husband’s this is no excuse for having put into words what has occassionally crossed her mind.

    She also never mentioned Barack Obama, focusing her non-apology on the Kennedy family. Yet what she was talking about was the possible assassination of Barack Obama. The comment wasn’t really about Robert Kennedy. It was about Obama! Why no apology to him and his family? (I didn’t think of this when I wrote the column and it should be added to it as an afterword.)

    And then she could say that what what we have yet to hear, that what she said was very very wrong to put into words and she was deeply ashamed of herself.

    The New York Times so far has 260 comments to their editorial about the non-apology Say What? Hillary Clinton Does it Again HERE.

  3. Ted Remington

    Stengel didn’t follow up because it was clear in the context what she was talking about.

    I believe you and others are unfairly smearing this woman in this instance.

    We agree to disagree, I guess. Well at least I do.

    And his name is name is not Barak, it is Barack.


  4. Wayne K Dolik

    I have a very dear friend who was there the night RFK was killed. He dropped out of Democratic politics the event was so devastating. It took several years for him to return to Democratic politics. He recently confided this fact to me. He was our Co-Manager in a Congressional campaign in 2006.

    This makes one wonder what kind of people seeks the office of the Presidency? This takes us back the Vice-Presidency of L.B.J. and two confirmed reports that L.B.J. was involved in J.F.K.’s untimely death, by E. Howard Hunt (a death bed confession) and L.B.J.’s Mistress. Then we have the historical reports by Freedom of Information claimants of the firing on the S.S. Liberty in the Middle East.

    If a hair gets harmed on Barack Obama’s head the number-one suspect should be no other than HRC! Dam it Clinton is a Lawyer. She should know better!

    Those of us that support Barack Obama have to have his back covered. Let’s hope that tomorrow the Super-Delegates wake-up and decide that they have had enough of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Circus!

  5. ekaton

    “This takes us back the Vice-Presidency of L.B.J. and two confirmed reports that L.B.J. was involved in J.F.K.’s untimely death, by E. Howard Hunt (a death bed confession) and L.B.J.’s Mistress.”

    I knew of the interview with the mistress. I did not know of the Hunt death bed confession. In fact I didn’t know Hund died. I will find the accounts on the ‘net. Thank you for making us aware, Mr. Dolik.

    — Kent Shaw

  6. Sandra Price

    Precisely why he should not pick her for VP. His life would be in danger all the time. She should be shown the door and told not to come back!

  7. eliduc1


    Hillary’s remarks may lend credibility to the Vince Foster/Ron Brown conspiracy theories not to mention that former Clinton Whitewater partner Jim McDougall was locked in solitary confinement without his heart medication and died shortly after he contacted the New York Times and offered to sing like a canary.

    Where is the evidence that the Hillary assignation remark was unconscious? One has to take into consideration that most psychoanalysts are sitting in the wrong chair when Hal Brown insists that the remark was not intentional. Is there a possibility that not only was it conscious but that the intent was to trigger an assignation by a racist right wing lunatic? Could H.R.C. be that desperate and psychotic?

  8. DejaVuAllOver

    I’m with ya’ on this one, Hal. Nice column. Buddha said something to the effect of, “There’s no such thing as an accident.” He was a pretty smart guy.

  9. Hal Brown

    Buddha probably said lots about all events having a cosmic connection. He also said the following which perhaps Hillary Clinton could take to heart:

    Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.


    You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.


    All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

    Meanwhile, as I commented in the other thread about this subject, I am sure Obama has defended Clinton to his children as they must be hearing a lot of negative comments about her. So I can’t imagine what it would be like for his children if somehow they heard that Senator Clinton said their father might be killed and then she’d get to be president.

    I don’t see how Clinton could begin to apologize to the Obamas for that. The pain, even trauma, of words like that said to children can’t be undone once spoken.

  10. Ellice

    This could have been a dream team Obama and Clinton. This is what the United States needs right now. Considering this outrageous comment Senator Clinton made i think not. She is hoping and praying that Obama gets killed so she can take the White House. Senator Clinton Shame on you for your so called mis spoken words. When you dig a hole for someone else make sure you dig another one beside it for You. Also I belive that she needs to bow out of the election and save the little pride she has left so Obama can fix this jacked up economy that Bush destroyed.Obama 08!!

  11. Sandra Price

    What the country needs at this time is to get out from under the most corrupt government ever in America. Today the Libertarians are in convention to establish their Presidential Candidate and their V.P. Take a minute to listen to some of the speeches from the candidates.

    This is the movement of the future and the only way we will ever be able to have respect for our government. The agenda is based on individual liberties.

    This action group is not dead!

  12. Flapsaddle

    Do you even have to consider the conspiracy element? They are too temperamentally incompatible to work as a team, much less would either be willing to accept the probable political irrelevance of the vice-presidency. Thomas Jefferson was saddled with Aaron Burr. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush were saddled with each other.

    I have always doubted – and especially now after her latest remarks, whether or not they are actually significant – that he would offer or that she would accept. She believes that she is owed a presidency and, like Lucifer in Paradise Lost, she would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle