Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ill-timed and tasteless claim that she is stying in the Democratic Presidential race because frontrunner Barack Obama might get gunned down like Bobby Kennedy shows just how desperate and callous she is in her quest.

It’s almost like she is wishing someone kills Obama so she is the only candidate left in the race.

Surely she doesn’t wish that.

Or does she?

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann examines Hillary’s big screwup:


  1. Of course she wants him dead politically. I’d think she would prefer to see him get the “blue dress” treatment because it would probably kill him politically without harming so much as a hair on his head.

    A politically damaged Obama allows pledged delegates or super-delegates to go/return to Clinton and would probably convince the Democrat power-brokers that he was really, really unelectable.

    A dead or wounded Obama – even an Obama unscratched in an attempted assassination – opens a can of worms for her that would be well beyond being recontained.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  2. It certainly looks like Senator Clinton has shot her chance of being on the ticket as VP for sure.

    Even you give Hillary the full benefit of doubt here, would you want her as your running mate in the #2 slot this November after hearing this remark?

    Andrew in Austin, TX

  3. My tenor is not of vulgarity, but , of Indignity , Perhaps the term screwd,or screwed will apply ,but over my dead body,dang’it

    If it’s not spelled,correctly.

    Don’t panic.

  4. Thanks Hal Brown for your well-written spot-on editorial that’s referenced in the supplied link. Most of the commentary spilled over onto this one rather than your core article. Again, nicely done… : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Seeing she is part of the same group of people who believe the world is overpopulated and that the population of the world needs to be reduced, I would say Obama is not the only one she wished was dead.

  6. “The issue is that it falls into the category of HORRIBLE gaffe and is that the kind of judgment you want at 3 am?”

    PRECISELY THE POINT! And if ANYONE else had said it, she would have likewise questioned their judgement to be our Nation’s leader.

  7. Tis true Bryan but remember we can behave as civilized people.

    Perhaps we here should consider our discourse much like that of our forefathers who debated which direction to take the new foundling Republic, over 2 centuries ago.

    These men that we hold as great men were not just men of actions but men of great words despite the vulgarities they had witnessed at the hands of King George.

  8. Of course she doesn’t want Obama dead. Let’s get real here. That’s not the issue. The issue is that it falls into the category of HORRIBLE gaffe and is that the kind of judgment you want at 3 am?

  9. My apologies, but bear in mind this comes no where close to the utter disgust Americans are feeling at this time.

  10. It certainly looks like Senator Clinton has shot her chance of being on the ticket as VP for sure.

    Even if its unintentional, it shows the dangers of walking through the minefields of the MSM during an election campaign.

    Obama so far has tiptoed through them, with the only detonations coming from his Pastor and Obamas observations about the Gun Toting Bible Thumpers in Pennsylvannia.

    Sorry Rush and Sean, only direct hits count in this game for as much as you’d like to pin Reverend Wright on Obama. There is no logic that can blame someone for the statements that someone else made. Unless of course, you want to include the only living example: the Charlie McCarthy/Edgar Bergan act now known as Bush/Cheney. ( I really would like to see the VP drink a glass of water when the Prez. is speaking).

    Unfortunate, Senator Clinton has unintentionally crashed a chance at a Party unifying ticket in November. Has anyone seen Governor Bill Richardson holding a microphone at that interview?

  11. “I don’t see how Clinton could begin to apologize for that. ”

    She can’t. And now there is no way she will EVER be on the ticket!

  12. I don’t think Hillary was saying on a CONSCIOUS level that she wanted Obama dead, but I will bet you that she and Bill have discussed it in private. Her remark and her "non-apology" were insensitive and creepy at best. Hillary doesn’t usually slip, but she’s so tired now that it
    may have slipped out. (Janet, above)

    These are some of the main points I was making in my column today (Obama – Clinton dream ticket turns into a nightmare).

    How could they not have discussed the possibility of an assassination of the first serious black candidate for president, just about everyone else was?

    I am sure Obama has defended Clinton to his children as they must be hearing a lot of negative comments about her. So I can’t imagine what it would be like for his children if somehow they heard that Senator Clinton said their father might be killed and then she’d get to be president. I don’t see how Clinton could begin to apologize for that.

  13. Anything to distract the masses and make Obama look like a saint. I knew Obama supporters were naive, but conspiracy theories concerning an event that hasn’t even happened? That really takes the cake.

  14. I don’t think Hillary was saying on a CONSCIOUS level that she wanted Obama dead, but I will bet you that she and Bill have discussed it in private. Her remark and her “non-apology” were insensitive and creepy at best. Hillary doesn’t usually slip, but she’s so tired now that it may have slipped out.

    The irony is that even if we take her comment as demonstrating that historically the campaign ran into June, it’s not the case anymore. California moved its primary and had it months ago. There is no longer the opportunity to secure a sizable number of delegates from CA in June. So, neither Bill Clinton or Bobby Kennedy would be clinging to this one. Her argument is not valid.

    In any case, I’m sick of Hillary and her whining and wish she would just go away. Even without this latest gaffe, do we really want a president who will play the victim and cry sexism every time she doesn’t get her way? And if I hear her or Terry McCauliffe claim one more time that she leads in the popular vote, I will throw my shoe at the TV. Only if you count MI and FL, give Obama no votes in MI and not count the caucus state, does she lead in popular votes. And even then, the rules are that it’s not popular vote, it’s delegates.

  15. Obama has a LOT of people who probably want him dead. Clinton, Israel, white fat-cats, Republicans, West Virginians, Pat Robertson, etc. etc. Say what you want about whoever whacked the Kennedys, but the only thing we know for certain is that it WASN’T done by the people our government tells us. That Clinton has been sleeping with these very same dogs for years is all we really need to know. A very dangerous “woman”, indeed.

  16. I just listened to Hillary’s “Argus Leader” interview and I must say it’s a creepy non sequitur reference; ie., Bobby Kennedy’s assassination as far as her interview is concerned.

    She’s one smart, ever-conniving cookie and all I can say is that it’s a veiled threat as to what could happen. What a “slimeball” she is especially with the recent revelation concerning Senator Kennedy’s brain tumor…!?

    People don’t realize just how encompassing the Bushista~Clintonista axis for maintaining a transgenerational hold on the presidency of the United States which dates back to H.W. Bush’s orchestration of Iran-Contra debacle in the 80’s.

    Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and allowed the CIA to operate a base out of Mena, Arkansas (illegal per their charter) for the purpose of smuggling guns, drugs and cash in and out of CONUS. The Clinton’s were promised that great things would happen for them both in the future for them having played ball with the “Big Man”; ie., H.W. Bush, Mr. CIA…!

    I was also stunned at her whining in the interview as to why she can’t prevail in the primary process. She’s was evidently “promised” it was her turn at some point in this hi-jacking of the U.S. presidency with 28 years of having either a Bush or Clinton involved with the leadership of this country that it just can’t happen as far as she’s concerned.

    Yes it can be so and “Yes We Can” elect Obama in 08…!

    If something happens to Obama, then for sure she will not get elected and so they’ll have John McCrazy shoo’ed in as a holding action until they can regroup in four years. More than likely McCain will pick an acceptable PNAC, neocon stooge as his running mate quite possibly Condi Rice as a racially and gender destabilizing influence on the election outcome.

    Hell if they can get the vote count close enough then the PNAC, neocon sponsored “Diebold Override” will always be available to make the final decision…no?!

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Thanks Stratocaster for the the Arkancide link… : |

  17. What if something happens now?

    If something bad happens to Obama, guess who will be my #1 suspect?

    LBJ had a seriously deranged need to be president too. His mistress spoke the truth before her death and now we know how dangerous a VP can be to the health of a President.

  18. She must be courting the poor, rural, white redneck male vote. But maybe thats ‘profiling’ (as well as stereotyping)

    — Kent Shaw

  19. A few questions

    If Hillary really just wanted to cite a examples of primary contests that continued into June, why didn’t she just say that? Why did she not just say that Robert Kennedy also did not secure his possible nomination until June just like her husband in 1992? Why did she instead say, “We all remember, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California???”

    Some people may excuse this as a poor choice of words, but this at the very least betrays a stupendous capability for this woman to use poor judgment and stick her foot firmly in her mouth. At worst, it betrays wishful thinking revealing how unprincipled Clinton is in seeking her ambitions.

    In either case, she finally “jumped the shark” on this one.

    Say “goodnight” Hillary….

  20. In a dark corner of DC kkkarl rove is masturbating with glee as he watches the implosion of the dems. We have become the most sickening of societies wherein preying on weakness is hailed as strength with bravado. The landscape is littered with the blood of our fallen and these despicables can only pray for more blood of the innocents in hopes it will elevate them to powerful places and fabricate them into gods.

    At a time when our nation is crumbling these fools grasp for power over solution in a blind effort to lead us further into purgatory.

    We as Americans should demand the primaries be declared null and void ! These candidates are worthless scheming pandering liars.

    Start over there is plenty of time till November.With this crap soiling everything it touches we will never get to the issues that matter and the rovian jisim will continue to innundate the process.

    These bastards and bitches work for us goddammit,not the corporate neocons,or the f****d up media.

    Aren’t you just a little insulted America ?

  21. Let’s see …
    Vince Foster …
    The double set trigger gun with a scope flyer …
    Her pandering to the “good old boys” ….
    Rev. Huckabee’s joke at the NRA convention …

    Makes me wonder if Sen. Clinton’s been reading someone’s mail.
    I hope not. I am old enough to remember the summer of ’68 and also first hearing about the Watergate break-in on the CBS morning news.

    Plus she again is repeating a tall tail about it taking Bill until June to wrap up the 1992 nomination. He had it wrapped up in March according to what I have read.
    “Clinton swept nearly all of the Super Tuesday primaries, making him the solid front runner.”,_1992

    And if you think there is a Clinton backlash now … I don’t the Democrats could dare run her even for dog catcher if anything happens.

  22. Obama’s assassination? This is purely bullshit!! Now I am not saying that it is impossible, but do I believe that Hillary Clinton might have a “death wish” for Obama, HELL NO!!!! What some people have for brains.

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