Hillary Clinton’s vaunted “nuclear option,” a last-ditch hail-mary pass that she hoped would give her the Democratic Presidential nomination over the will of voters, is turning into a dud.

As with the votes, the numbers are against her,.

But shrill Hill isn’t giving up.

Reports Thomas B. Edsall in The Huffington Post:

In a last ditch stand, Hillary Clinton is trying to turn the seating of the disputed Florida and Michigan delegations into a cause celebre, posing questions of equal justice and voting rights in anticipation of a May 31 meeting of the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.

Her call for the seating of all delegates picked in the two primaries conducted in violation of party rules faces growing opposition from two groups of committee members — those loyal to Barack Obama, and those loyal to Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean. These two factions appear likely to produce a majority on the Rules Committee, thus spiking Clinton’s so-called “nuclear option.”

Reliable sources in the Clinton campaign, and others close to Democratic Party leaders, contend that progress is being made toward a compromise that would either seat the full Florida and Michigan delegations, giving each member a half a vote, or cut the size of each delegation in half.

Clinton supporters make up the third and largest block on the Rules committee, but they do not constitute a majority. A Huffington Post analysis of the allegiances of the 28 members of the Rules committee found that 13 have endorsed Clinton, eight are in the Obama camp, and seven have not publicly committed, although a number of them are believed to be in Obama’s corner.

Since the Rules Committee last year voted against seating the Michigan and Florida delegations — each state violated party rules by holding its primary before February 5 — the Clinton campaign faces the daunting task of holding onto all 13 Clinton supporters, while gaining two votes from the ranks of those loyal to Dean or Obama.

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