Here is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what is WRONG with the REpublican party.

Senate panel OKs homeowner rescue plan

The vote was 19-2 in the Senate Banking Committee to approve the plan, which would give cheaper, government-backed mortgages to up to 500,000 strapped borrowers. Eight Republicans joined the panel’s Democrats to back the measure, after extracting a major concession to pay for the foreclosure-prevention plan by diverting money intended to pay for housing for the poor.

TAke from the poor to give to other people. The steal and spend Republicans only give money to themselves and those who pay to put them in office.

As to the rest of us, they just don’t care!

Congressman Barney Frank swears there will be a BIG fight over this particular issue in committee. Give em Hell, Barney! Enough of robbing the poor to pay for the rich’s mistakes. But that’s what John McCain would do if he takes over our govt.

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